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Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Accidental Stella

I was thinking of characters with blonde hair when a Final Fantasy character came into my mind. Nope, it's not Tidus or Riku. It's Stella! :)

stella nox fleuret

Stella Nox Fleuret is a character in Final Fantasy Versus XIII, an upcoming RPG game. The character is still to be released so I only know little about her.

Anyway, I did not miss the part where she got layered blonde hair and purple eyes - which reminded me of a recent selca shot of that wig trial that I did with purple contact lenses:

So I tweaked the photo above a bit then I added headshot of Stella that I got from here and voila! :)
stella nox fleuret
Click here for a clearer view.
Been thinking of doing a real Stella makeup trial with this wig styled that way. And maybe wear a few pieces similar to Stella's outfit, for fun. :)

What do you think?

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