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Monday, 4 February 2013

ZYLORDS - A Visual Kei Video and Photo Shoot (First Batch of Photos and the First Video Release)

Hey guys! So I am going to release the second batch of Visual Kei photos that were taken almost a year ago. Yeah, the photos and video clips were long forgotten until recently when one of us obtained a decent video-editing software for our music video cover.

Anyway, this was the first project of the OK club, from the simple photoshoot team to a video production team (complete with creative director, videographer, hair and makeup artist and stylist). It was fun shooting the entire day (add that moment when we ate at a fast food chain in complete visual kei do). 

Here is our video cover of Alice Nine's Cosmic World.
First video of our group. More to come!

And here are the photos taken during the video shoot. Enjoy!
All photos were taken by Gin and post-processed by yours truly.


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