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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Somewhat Rimi Sakihata - A Closet Cosplay

Hey guys!! I am happy that I am now able to post regularly here on my blog. I have been organizing my files and found a lot to post about. One is my closet cosplay of Rimi Sakihata of ChaoS;HEAd.

I found clothes in my wardrobe similar to Rimi's, plus a pink wig and clip-on that I recently got from trading some of my stuff online.

I know I need to improve the entire getup but this closet cosplay is a start. A more accurate cosplay will come your way soon!

Photos were taken by my brother. Post-processing was done by yours truly.

Here's the reference photo:
Image from Anime Vice

I don't know what happened to me. I had black socks. I don't know why I wore white ones. LOL.
What do you think of this closet cosplay guys! Everything was found in my closet. Did not spend my money on this one! :)

Friday, 26 April 2013

TEASER: One Piece - Taste of Summer

Hey guys!! At last I have organized the One Piece photo set and found out that we made three sets of GIFS that day and all of them are cute and super hilarious!

Sorry if this took so long. I wanted to release the photos of the past shoots that we had before processing the recent ones. I have already posted the Fruits Basket Casual Shoot and the next one will be the Lords and Lolita Appreciation Day set. I'll try finishing the last two starting tomorrow since I am already done with all my school activities. *yay*

Anyway, here are the GIFS as teaser for the set. This is a closet cosplay shoot organized by yours truly together with the Watermelon Team. Enjoy!

Boa Hancock: 
Trafalgar Law: 
Human Caymy:

Luffy: Let's go, Sanji!

Ready, set, GO!

And now for the group photo together with those who helped us made this fun shoot possible: 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

MAKEUP REVIEW: mimididi 3D Diamond Powder EyeShadow- No.20

Here's the latest makeup review by yours truly generally sponsored by KKCENTERHK.com


Eye shadow up close, no flash
Eye shadow up close, with flash
Website's product description: 
Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
3D Diamond Powder EyeShadow
Suitable For Make Up
Size : 43mm X 43mm X 16mm
Price:  USD$7.85

The package arrived in a brown paper bag. The items are brand new but one of them, one color of an eye shadow palette, got broken/destroyed during the shipping even with bubble wrapping. I guess it lacked proper handling or a lot of bubble wrap.

The swatches:
No flash, low light
The shade turned out to be very glittery after a few swipes. It had the hint of light pink on it. 
With flash
I am really not a big fan of glitter eye shadows but I wanted to try this one because of it's pretty color and because one of the characters that I am going to cosplay next is the pink-haired
Luka Megurine of Vocaloid.

I think Pink Eyeshadow will match her look. 

What I love about it:
If you need a glittery eye shadow with a touch of pink, then this one is for you. It did not disappoint me on the "glitter" department since it had enough glitters and shine that were visible after a few swipes. Kind of an eye-popping shade.

I applied the eye shadow with a brown shade from one of my palette. 

The single eyeshadow case has a mirror and free sponge applicator.
The product comes in this small, compact size and the case also has its own mirror and sponge applicator that makes it easy to carry around, without having to bring a separate brush, and easy to use during those quick makeup or retouch moments.

Eye shadow after application, taken under window light
It can be used for cosplay characters that need only light makeup to match their personality.

The product does not flake off easily and it blends in nicely with other darker shades of eye shadow. 
The product does not give off a strange or funny smell which is very good for me.

A photo that shows how light the pink shade is.
What I don't like about it:
The color of pink is not as visible or vivid as I have imagined. 
The color removes off with eye makeup remover but some of the glitters remains on the eyelid. It may need proper washing using water. 

Its not locally available. You can only purchase it online on KKCENTERHK. 
Tweaked the contrast a bit.
Use my coupon code when purchasing on KKCENTERHK!
coupon code : yourstrulycee
Coupon Amount : 10% Off

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fruits Basket/BLEACH Inspired Shoot

Or you can call it.. THE WIG PICNIC! I don't know what came into our mind when we organized this shoot. Originally, it was supposed to be a casual Fruits Basket shoot. Maybe Fruits Basket abstract version. LOL We had lunch at the Butterfly Garden, Pasonanca Park (same place where we had the shoot) then we put on our wigs and started taking photos of each other. Oh I missed those crazy moments!

These photos were taken last September 8. LOL Sorry for the super late upload! I decided to finish everything else before editing photos from the latest shoot that we had, the One Piece Closet Cosplay Shoot. Please bear with me!

We ain't really calling this cosplay. Maybe, costrip? And I kind of explored my editing software a bit, tested a few filters and so. Hoped you will like it!

Mark as Shigure

Kyo and Akito
Now Ichigo and Rukia?
Kyo and Tohru
Tohru, Kagura and Hana
The girls of Fruits Basket


Best Friends Forever! 

And the following are bonus, out-of-character photos. Enjoy!

How HIGH can yo go? :)

That's it guys! Watch out for my next photo set:
Lords and Lolitas!

Friday, 19 April 2013

DIY Drybox for my Camera and Flash

Once in a photography class, our mentor told us not to store our cameras in its bag when not in use. We should take it out if we will not going to use it for a long time.

So after stumbling upon a few photos of lenses with molds in it, I decided to look for DIY Drybox ideas and I found a blog who wrote a simple tutorial on doing a homemade drybox for cameras and camera equipment.

So here's my version of the DIY drybox.

Here are the materials that I used:
This is my tiny silica gel container (with holes).
Hunted all around my house for packets of silica gel. :)

Plastic container in pink, of course.

Bubble wrap

So, how did my DIY Drybox turned out? Scroll down below!
I placed the bubble wrap inside, then the case with the silica gel. 

Voila! My camera and flash fit perfectly!

OMG I love the color of the plastic case. lol

While I was taking shots of the drybox, my pup suddenly sat next to the drybox

Then he took a bite of my drybox as if it's food. LOL
Maybe my pup wants to be a photographer soon!

That's it guys! I hope this will really work as a drybox. Can't afford a real one yet, so I hope this will house my equips nicely.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Lots of Laugh - Miku Hatsune

La la la la laaaa~

I am not used to spill details about my future cosplays but WTH! It is kind of nice to talk about it with your friends. So what's the big deal if I reveal another costume that I have been preparing for a while now?

I have the costume already! All I need is the wig. 
Mom bought her costume a couple of months ago, only knowing that it is a cute Japanese school uniform.

I just recently discovered that it is Miku's LOL costume. I am so lucky!
I am still on the hunt for its wig. Hope I can buy one soon!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Ultimate Cagayan de Oro Vacation Part 1: HAUL

So at last I came out of hiatus again to bring you where all of my money went. (Yeah, been saving for a year for that ultimate vacation shopping spree).

I am not really into spending much during mall trips but this time I was in one of my favorite cities: CAGAYAN DE ORO!

CDO has one of the best shopping sites among the places that I have been (the malls, the tiangge tiangge) so I did not hesitate in spending my savings there. And in the end, everything was worth my money!

So this is part one of my haul last Holy Week vacation. Not a very long post, I tell you. For I want to separate my vacation report into several parts to avoid a novel of a post. LOL 

So this is a post about the things that I bought for my collection. LOL
Most of these items cannot be found here in Zamboanga so I was very lucky to find it during my shopping escapades.

Them not random dolls, I tell you. :)
Also uploaded on my FB page. 
Let me explain each of these dolls that I bought. :)

The first doll to the left is the Pig Rabbit, famous for it's appearance on the Korean Drama "You're Beautiful". I have not watched this series yet but I know the Pig-Rabbit doll so I instantly bought this one the minute I saw it in a store in CDO.

Photo Source
Ain't it adorable?
The next doll is the adorable Mirmo from the anime series Mirmo! I am an otaku so I cannot pass this one up. I love Mirmo's adorable characteristics. :))

Photo source
Next is the Radish doll from Rooftop Prince! Now this is the actual highlight of my doll haul. I have been watching the Korean series and I know that the Radish doll that appeared in it was very valuable to the main characters of the story. I can't believe I now own a radish doll. I'll watch Rooftop Prince with it. Ultimate fan!

Photo source

And last are the two pokemon dolls for my Pikachu costrip: Clefairy and Jigglypuff. :)

Speaking of Pikachu, here's a jacket that I bought from Centrio Ayala Mall Comic Alley:

Also uploaded on my FB Page
Now where's that Pokeball? :)

That's it!! This is more of an otaku haul than an actual shopping haul. LOL
I hoped you liked what I bought. I know I am a bit too old for dolls, but hey, I collect them! 

Tell me what you did last Holy Week. Comment down below!

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