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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fruits Basket/BLEACH Inspired Shoot

Or you can call it.. THE WIG PICNIC! I don't know what came into our mind when we organized this shoot. Originally, it was supposed to be a casual Fruits Basket shoot. Maybe Fruits Basket abstract version. LOL We had lunch at the Butterfly Garden, Pasonanca Park (same place where we had the shoot) then we put on our wigs and started taking photos of each other. Oh I missed those crazy moments!

These photos were taken last September 8. LOL Sorry for the super late upload! I decided to finish everything else before editing photos from the latest shoot that we had, the One Piece Closet Cosplay Shoot. Please bear with me!

We ain't really calling this cosplay. Maybe, costrip? And I kind of explored my editing software a bit, tested a few filters and so. Hoped you will like it!

Mark as Shigure

Kyo and Akito
Now Ichigo and Rukia?
Kyo and Tohru
Tohru, Kagura and Hana
The girls of Fruits Basket


Best Friends Forever! 

And the following are bonus, out-of-character photos. Enjoy!

How HIGH can yo go? :)

That's it guys! Watch out for my next photo set:
Lords and Lolitas!

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