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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Being a cosplay props maker...

I admit I am still a noob when it comes to props making but this never really stopped me in doing it.

I have been busy this week, mainly because I was working on a new cosplay project and I am pretty much bored at home.

So I made a few accessories/props for my future cosplays. A lot o the materials were found at home, some of them were bought from craft shops locally.

This is a post with a lot of pictures. All of them were taken from my Instagram account, viewed using Webstagram.

Username: yourstrulycee0217

Let's start with the package that arrived from Manila.

A package with my costume inside. What cosplay costume? Find out!
Photo link
So the costume in the package above led me to complete the entire cosplay. My mom bought the raw materials and yours truly started doing the props.

Details to be added to my props and accessories.
Photo link

I needed a red umbrella with horns for the character's prop. This tiger umbrella was the closes thing available in the city.
I added minor details to it to make it look accurate.
Photo link.

The character that I am going to cosplay wore a hat with white roses. So I put those flowers together using notebook wires then I added them to the hat.
Photo link

So that's it! I can officially say that this secret cosplan is complete. But I think it's pretty obvious who is this character. ^_^ 

And then I made a few accessories for my future cosplays and costrips These accessories are pretty obvious because they are like the trademark of the characters.

Top, left: First Princess Bubblegum of Adventure Time tiara. It was wobbly and after my  first shoot wearing it, it died.
Top, right: Second tiara, now with cardboard, more durable than the first.
Bottom: Lacus Clyne's hairclip.
Photo Link

Well yeah, I still don't have any target dates or event for these cosplays, (heck yeah, we don't even have regular conventions here in our place) but I will do them before th year ends... I hope my mome will be extra supportive this time. (I just graduated, so I won't be receiving any allowance anymore, *sob)

Well, that's it! I have been productive this week (in cosplaying, yes) and I am pretty much happy about it. ^_^ 

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