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Thursday, 23 May 2013


KPop!! I know this is a bit off-topic to my blog (I mainly write about Japanese Cosplay) but the thing is, I was the judge on the event's KPop Cosplay competition so I had to write something about it.

Well, judging a cosplay competition is one of my biggest cosplay dreams and the organizers of the KGathering made it happen! I was contacted by one of the organizers, asking me to judge the KPop/Korean cosplay competition and I gladly obliged. It was a small contest but I was still very happy that they chose me to pick the winner.

Anyway, the KGathering was organized by a group of KPop lovers namely KMonerx (I hope I got the name right). The party happened on April 22, 2013 at the GRAND ASTORIA HOTEL Crystal Ballroom. Together with my friends, Reg and Gail, we joined in the fun of loving Korean Pop Music and the Korean Pop Superstars! Each of us belonged to a fandom. I am (or belong to) VIP (of BIGBANG).

Anyway, I wore a Hanbok that day. It is the traditional costume in South Korea. My mom bought the set for me when she was in Cagayan de Oro. Wearing the costume made me feel like I was a part of a Korean Joseon drama. LOL.

I watched a lot of videos about Korean culture, the Hanbok, and proper hair and makeup suitable for my look.
My girlfriends were stylish that day. :)

Thank you Sheed for showing up even just for a few minutes. :)
Anyway, here are the photos taken during the party.

With my friends Gail and Reg. More like sisters! 

Met new friends during the event!

With Atheena and Amber.
With our table mates. I forgot her name. D: I have a poor memory. 
With KMONERX, the organizers. 
And friends from the neighboring table. :D

Reg joined an eating contest since she said she will join any contest that involves food. 

Well, she did not win. According to her, the ramen was too spicy! 

But she did win that Q&A KPOP and the 'pass-the-card-using-your-mouth' contest. with Gail. :) 

Reg is the ultimate KPOP Brainiac! 
Prizes from the card game. Good job, girls! 

There were also dance numbers and KPop dance covers. ^_^

While watching them dance, tried eating the korean cup noodles. :D
It was really really spicy! 
We looked like we were endorsing the noodles. :D

Then FINALLY! The KPop cosplay competition!! I was not able to take photos of each of them. D:

I was the only judge during the contest so the pressure is all on me. 

The contest went smoothly and after their short performances, I was able to pick the three winners. :)

The 2nd and 1st runners up

Then I was the one who announced the winner. They let me say a few things about what is cosplaying. 

And the winner of KPOP Gathering's First KPop Cosplay competition is Atheena for her awesome performance and costume! 

Photos with the cosplayers. Everybody did their best! 

Photos with some contestants. ^_ ^

Photos with other party-goers. :)
With Fads!! Another cosplayer.

I was given another cup of Korean noodles. :D

Thank you, KMONERX for organizing a wonderful event! Can't wait for the next party!! How about combining KPOP and JPOP? :)


  1. I like your costume. Very K-drama-ish. I was always curios about those cup noodles. Where can they be bought?

    1. One of the organizers are selling them for 50-ish i guess. :D

  2. when will the next kpop gathering be? can you have cheaper registration fee? hehe

    1. As far as I know, the next KGathering will be next year. Let's keep our fingers crossed! <3


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