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Saturday, 11 May 2013

FINAL SET: One Piece - Taste of Summer

Finally done with the One Piece set and everything is good to go.

Even though I am done with this, I still have about 5 sets to edit and blog about. Not complaining though! I think I just need to work extra hard to finish everything on time.

Anyway, about this shoot...
This was organized by yours truly together with the HaruSuika (that's what we call our group now, goodbye OK team - LOL). I linked up our Tumblr there. Please do visit our photoblog!

So we all agreed to do a CLOSET COSPLAY FUN SHOOT. Closet cosplay meaning we encourage the cosplayers to look for the characters' outfits in their closet first, reducing the total cost, then buying materials for additional details later provided the entire look is the same with the character's usual outfits. Fun shoot meaning everybody should have fun and mingle with the the other cosplayers to remove tension between both parties! We all want to gain friends with the same interest at the end of the day, right?

We were all glad that the plan worked! Everybody tried their best to be in-character and in promoting closet cosplay, a way to dress up for less. And we had so much fun too! Just wait til you see our music video cover. LOL

Everybody needs improvement, even my Sanji cosplay! I hope I can be a better Sanji soon!

Photos by Gin Fidel, post-processing by yourstruly
Click on the photos for a larger view. 

Gender-bender Luffy: 
Gender-bender Sanji: 
Gender-bender Chopper: 
Boa Hancock: 
Trafalgar Law: 
Human Caymy:

So what do you think of our cosplay shoot? We actually chose One Piece because it's SUMMER! 
Comment your thoughts below~! 

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