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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Lords and Lolitas Appreciation Day - FINAL SET

And so... the long wait is over. My first post for may is the final set of our Lords and Lolitas Appreciation Day shoot held last year.

We wanted to spread the Kodona (boystyle lolita) and Lolita fashion here in Zamboanga by organizing a meetup or orientation and a shoot for our final output.

During the meetup, we discussed the different styles of Lolita (a lifestyle/fashion style popular in Japan) and what Lolita type we should dress as.

I chose the Kodona style inspired by one of my favorite anime characters known for his gorgeous fashion - Ciel Phantomhive of Kuroshitsuji.

Our looks on the following photos are our own interpretation of the Lord and Lolita fashion - inspired by the photos of other lolita enthusiasts around the world.

For the behind the scene photos, click this link.

Photos of me were taken by Gin. The rest of the photos were taken by yours truly.

Image heavy post. Click on the photos to enlarge it. Special thanks to Sheed for assisting us! 

A family portrait
L-R, Standing: Cee (me), Kei, Shan, Gairu, Aly
Kneeling: Myr, Gin, PJ
Our video cover that day:

What do you think of our Kodona and Lolita style? Comment your thoughts below! 

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