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Friday, 14 June 2013

MAKEUP REVIEW: SAVA Three-color magic eye makeup box #06

Another makeup review by yours truly sponsored by the KKCenterHK.

Website's product description: 
Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
Three-color magic eye makeup box
It is easy to create bright eyes makeup, to make a charming eye makeup.
The tone and makeup effect are exactly adjust,
not just focus on function, the effect is also perfect.
By using Crystal diamond particle technology,
the texture is fine without defect, the most impeccable choice.
Applies: all skin types
Color: 5 groups of color, 3 colors each group.
Ingredients: Mica, Mineral Oil, Buryatea Hydroxy, Toluene
Manufactured in: Taiwan
Size: 70m x 50mm x 14mm

Eye shadow up close, without flash
Eye shadow up close, with flash
The package arrived in a brown envelop, enclosed in bubble wrap - no special wrapping whatsoever. 
I had difficulty in opening the palette at first. I tried flipping it open but instead it was a slide-up palette case. 

The three-color palette comes with a sponge brush applicator.


No flash

With flash

This is my second glittery palette and I also had difficulty in applying it on my lid. The first attempt was a failure but the second was better. I am still getting used to glitter palettes.

I tried it on my lid and this is the result:

Palette applied, window light

The three colors of the palette are silver, gray and brown. I tried doing smokey eyes on this one. 

What I like about the product: 
Eyelid under window light
This is my first 3-color glitter palette and I am quite happy about it. I wanted to own another pocket-size palette to carry around in my bag and this one is actually good enough for my everyday makeup kit. 

Palette applied with flash
All of the eyeshadow colors do not flake off easily. They are really vivid after only a few swipes and they blend in easily with each other.
I wore this for a whole day during a photoshoot and I did not feel any discomforts and the product does not give off any funny smell.
Also, the colors can be easily removed using a makeup remover, including the colors' glitters. 
I am learning to love glitter eyeshadow. :D

What I don't like about this product: 
Since the colors are really vivid, one must be careful in the application of the eye shadows. One wrong turn might end up in repeating the entire lid. 
It's only available online on KKCenterHK.com 

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