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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My YouTUBE account!

Hey guys! After introducing my WorldCosplay account here, I might as well promote my youtube account...
Where I post all my videos of tutorials, VLogs and cosplay antics.

This is a screenshot of my channel. Unlike my other accounts, this one is under my old, high school username: duchessvk

I decided not to change this username to my name (which is an option in the new youtube) since "duchessvk" is a bit memorable for me. lol. Plus it's a bit cooler to keep your old username instead of changing it to your name.

Anyway, feel free to subscribe to my channel! I am going to post more vlogs, tutorials and maybe cosplay videos soon!

Here are a couple of videos that I have uploaded there:

My Hare Hare Yukai Dance vid

Tutorial on combing a cosplay wig. 

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