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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

EVENT UPDATES: AdZU Cosplay Event guesting!

Short update while I work on the photos. Got tons of shots from the cosplay event~

Well, my friends and I were invited to guest in the recent AdZU cosplay event as cosplayers. We promoted the otaku gathering a few days before the actual event. It was like an invasion of cosplayers in AdZU!

July 24: We handed out flyers and entertained questions regarding the cosplay event. A lot of students were enthusiastic about the program, especially the grade school kids. They asked about the characters that we were cosplaying and talked about their favorite anime shows. Chibi otakus!

Dressed up as Panty in her school uniform.
Click here for my Facebook post on this photo.

July 29: The day of the event! Everything was rushed, including my skirt! The event was announced two weeks before - not enough time to make big preparations! So I decided to go as Saber in her casual clothes. (I jokingly told them I'm from the Carnival Phantasm series instead of Fate/Stay Night. LOL)

It was my first time to wear the Saber wig and good thing I have learned a lot from it. I need to modify a few thins so that next time I am going to wear it, it will be properly secured on my head (It kept on falling off, making me look like I cut the bangs waaay short!). Maybe I'll have my Excalibur too! 

(PS: I asked my favorite Saber cosplayer, Maridah, for tips and she swiftly responded to my messages with a link of a tutorial! I will be forever grateful to you, Maridah!)

Bow down before your king!
Click here for the Facebook update on this photo!

Well, that's it! Watch out for my overall AdZU cosplay report soon! Will try to add more photos of the event and the cosplayers! 

Love lots!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Anarchy Panty Wig and Makeup Trial

Hey guys! So I wanted to try on a few makeup styles before my guest appearance on the promotional walk/ramp of the Otaku Attaku AdZU cosplay event inside the AdZU campus. This makeup took me almost an hour to put on because of all the experimenting that I did with my products. At least now (after doing this trial), I know what to apply on the day of the promo walk.

Another reason for this trial is to find the perfect makeup combination for my upcoming Anarchy Panty cosplay shoot with my partner Bea as Stocking in a hotel downtown.

Anyway, here are some of the self-captured shots that I took after I did the makeup. Sorry for the low quality photos!

Styled Anarchy Panty wig by yours truly! I made an ahoge by tying a few strands of the wig on top of my head using rubber bands. Then I trimmed one long "bang" and sprayed on lots of hairspray to group this portion of fibers together. I also spiked the wig fibers on top and on the rest of the wig using the same hairspray.

I think I need to soften the pink eyeshadow next time. Or maybe I just need to blend it in more.
Panty's eyeshadow in the series is pink, so I tried doing pink smokey eyes effect on my lids.
For my eyebrows, I used yellow eyeshadow to match the wig color.

Then I used fake lashes to achieve pretty anime-like eyes. For my lips, I used AVON in nude shade first then L.A. Colors Lilac Frost for the second coat. This combination gave a light shade of pink for my lips.

So I am pretty much satisfied with this makeup trial. It's evident on the number of self-captured shots I took after finishing the makeup. LOL 

So that's it for this post! I would love to hear your opinions on this comment. I want to improve this look in any way. Comment your suggestions down below! 

This is the official promotional poster for the upcoming AdZU cosplay event on July 29! I will be appearing as a guest cosplayer on that day. I can't wait!

Poster by Bee

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Anarchy Panty Cosplay Progress

So guys! I wrote a few posts about my upcoming cosplay photoshoot but I never really announced what character I am going to cosplay.

So here it is! I am going to do Panty during a photoshoot with a friend who will go as Stocking!!

I've been working on this project for a while now since I don't have anything better to do at home.

I started tweaking two guns that I bought a couple of years ago to make it look like Panty's Backlaces. (I don't know the name of Stocking's panties, the second gun Panty uses.)

I can't create guns from scratch so I used these toy guns that I had and painted it to make it look like Panty's guns.

So this is Backlace, Anarchy Panty's gun.

And this is my final output:
I will add the ribbon on the mouth of the guns after I do the final coat. :)

Then I did a "breakdown" on her accessories. I found her bangles easily but her red earrings and necklaces were a bit elusive so I decided to make my own accessories. I did not want to buy something that does not look exactly like what she was wearing.

Panty imitating Garterbelt!
On the necklaces:
I used soft metal wire and gold beads and put them together. LOL
I used wires to achieve a round necklace just like Panty's. One necklace is slightly bigger than the other.
Then I wrapped an old pair of earrings with red lace (since surprisingly I can't find Panty's simple earrings anywhere!)

This is a photo of the finished products. The two necklace and the pair of earrings. The bows are for the details of my guns. :)
I 'fattened' it up on purpose so that it will be visible when I wear the wig. 
So the Panty default cosplay is all set for next week! 
The shoes are ready! I wore them when I did a trial and review on the Alice wig that I bought for Panty. Read all about it here. 

For a promo ramp this Wednesday, July 24...
I was invited to be a guest promoter for the AdZU Cosplay event in the Ateneo campus while wearing a costume. Since the organizer encouraged the guests to wear light costumes, I decided to go as Panty in school uniform.

This is a scene from the second episode of the series. Panty and Stocking went undercover as students in Daten High School to find the demon who has invaded the institution.

Again, I did a breakdown on Panty's overall appearance.

I already have the sunglasses, the top and skirt. I recently bought her green necktie and red circle earrings. I made her patch using craft foam sheet and colored paper.

Sheed helped me in finding this neck tie. Yay for Sheed! 

And the patch!

Phew!! Quick preparations for cosplays make me nervous for the outcome. 
I am not sure that this one will turn out fine but I do really want to cosplay this during the promo ramp so I guess I just have to do my best. 


Default Panty trial with an unstyled wig. 

With styled wig and droopy eyes. School uniform trial! 

So that's it! If you see me at AdZU as Panty, don't hesitate to approach me and introduce yourself! I would love to meet my readers from Zamboanga!

Love lots! 

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Monday, 15 July 2013

UPCOMING EVENT: 'ADZU 100 and BEYOND: Otaku Attaku!' + CEEcosplay updates!

Hey guys! I'm back with good news to the cosplay community:
ADZU 100 and BEYOND: Otaku Attaku! 
(EDIT: Since the RSVP on FACEBOOK is open only to those invited, I shall post the event details here.)

"As we culminate the celebration of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University's Centennial Celebration, the Alliance of Religious Organizations in coordination with the Zamboanga Cosplayers present Otaku Attaku!

This event will showcase presentations, fun, and games otaku-style!

Be there and show your otaku side! Admission is free!"

When: July 29, 2013 / 2-4PM
Where: Brebeuf Gym, Ateneo de Zamboanga University

I will be appearing as a cosplaying guest at the event. Who am I going to cosplay? Well, it's still a mystery even to myself. I only have two completed cosplay sets for an event out of town and a photoshoot. This cosplay convention in ADZU was an unexpected one so I think I am going to pull one of my incomplete cosplays that I have been slowly working on finish before the day of the event.

If you are going to this event, well... I want to meet you! I will be announcing my character as soon as I complete the entire cosplay set so watch out for it here.

I think I'll be bringing my CosCards along for exchange. It's good to meet new cosplayers based here in Zamboanga.


I mentioned above that I completed two cosplay sets for different cosplay events. One is for an upcoming photoshoot at a hotel here in Zamboanga and one is for an event that I will be attending out of town. I have not revealed the names of the characters anywhere but I have been giving hints and clues on my Instagram account and Facebook page.

Anyway, here is a teaser on the cosplay sets that I have completed. This will totally give out the characters that I have been keeping a secret for a while. :)

These are the props that I am going to use with each cosplay.

So there! Name the two characters that I am going to cosplay soon. Comment it down below!

That's it for updates! If you are going to the upcoming ADZU Cosplay event, comment down below! Hoping to see you there!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

QUICK POST: Just an update!

Hey guys! Today was a busy day for me. I ran a few errands and picked up a few cosplay-related items for my upcoming cosplay events out of town. (YES! My first out-of-town cosplay vacation. And I am sure that this will not be the last.)

In preparation for these events, I created a couple of coscards for exchange and commissioned this plush hat locally for a cosplay prop. (I think this plush will give out what character I will cosplay in one of the events out of town.)

Anyway, I think I will be recording a video blog for my youtube channel. it will be about my preparation for these upcoming events. As I have mentioned before, cosplay events rarely happen in my hometown, Zamboanga City. So some of the people I know go out-of-town to attend and enjoy otaku and cosplay conventions and competitions.

I am pretty excited to attend a real cosplay event again after more than a year! That's why I have been preparing my cosplay and coscards for a while now.

This plush is just a part of the last detail on my cosplay. I still have to attach it to one of the props that the character has. Can't wait to work on this!

Well, that's it guys! If you can guess the character that I am going to cosplay, comment the name down below!

Thank you for reading~ 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

SHIPPU! Konoha Gakuen Den TRIAL Shoot + GIFs

Hey guys! Here's a post on our last summer shoot - our Konoha High School Cosplay during the local Open Naruto Shoot last June 2, 2013.
This was just a trial on our costumes. This was a way to discover which part of the cosplay needs improvement.

We were invited to this local shoot by a few friends and we did not decide to join until the last minute! (Three days before the shoot!)
We quickly discussed on which Naruto character to cosplay and the three of us agreed to do TEAM 7 cosplay from
Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den.

Here's a video of the OVA:

Within three days, we were able to produce wigs and costumes!
My mom helped me with my Konoha Gakuen uniform. We modified my high school skirt for this. 
My mom trimmed the skirt short and I used the excess part of the skirt to make a sailor collar. I sew the collar to a shirt and voila! A seifuku! LOL 

Here are our photos and GIFs of that day.
Have fun!

Sasuke: Sheed
Naruto: Shiba
Sakura: Cee
Photos taken by Gail
Video footage taken by Tal

Our video that day

Trying to be in-character.
I saw this TEAM 7 fan art where the three of them were holding hands with each other.  This is our version. 
Naruto: You wanna fight, pretty boy?
Sakura: Don't you dare touch Sasuke-kun! (in a cute way? LOL)
Sasuke: -----

FORGIVE US! We were having so much fun that day, we can't stay in-character all the time! 

How we describe the friendship of TEAM 7. Lol

We captured random GIFs that day too!

Soldier walk! Sasuke was still in-character. 
King Naruto!

BAH We can't stay in-character. Even Sasuke is smiling here! LOL
So a friend asked me to help with her Kabuto makeup for the shoot. I was detained in the waiting area and because of this, Naruto and Sasuke left me and continued on shooting in the woods. BAH! Enjoy your alone time together while you can!

Here's a photo of the finished Kabuto makeup. Shiba helped me with some of its parts. 

The following are dramatic shots of the friendship of Naruto and Sasuke. 

Then they shot a series of funny GIFs.
So much for the dramatic moment!

Their expressions were still in-character despite the pose. 
Anyway, I got jealous of all these bromance moments so I chased them through the forest. 

Was successful in chasing them, this shot is a proof.
Sasuke is MINE! 

Then these two escaped my clutches and continued their bromance moments.
NARUTO: Sasuke, I'm flying!
SASUKE: My heart will go on......

I think we did more spoof photos than serious ones. Oh well!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Til next time! 

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