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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ada Wong Makeup Trial

Hey guys! So I got this request to do Ada Wong because according to a friend, I kind of looked like one of those girls online who already cosplayed her. I did not find any similarities at first but still I pushed on with the makeup trial because my friends encouraged me to do it. That's what I love about my friends. They support my cosplaying hobby. ^_^

I love Ada from the Resident Evil movie. That fight scene with the axeman was nice. I can't believe a woman can still move like that while wearing a long dress. Bad-ass while looking all sexy!

This was my reference photo for the trial.
(These photos are from Google)

Look at that body!! 

So after studying her photos, I came up with this look. (These are self-captured photos. Nobody was home to take photos of me.)

I used a red top that I own, a black lace and a wristband for this trial. LOL

I noticed that the Li Bingbing, the actress of Ada Wong from Resident Evil: Retribution wore visible eyeliner. Her eyebrows are visible too, in contrast to my very thin... almost invisible eyebrows. :D

So I applied thick eyeliner above and a thin line of brown pencil eyeliner below. 
I also shaped my eyebrows using brown eyeliner. This was my mistake. I should have used black instead.

I noticed that she also wore orange lip color from the photo, so to achieve this, I wore nude lipstick plus red orange lip gloss. I think it's still too light, so maybe I'll apply more next time.

I got a lot of positive feedback from this trial! Some of my friends on facebook commented that I do look like Ada Wong and I should pursue this cosplay.

Thanks guys! Maybe I will! I am planning to play the game to understand Ada Wong more. I think I need to study her moves to achieve a great cosplay!

Thank you for reading!

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