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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Anarchy Panty Cosplay Progress

So guys! I wrote a few posts about my upcoming cosplay photoshoot but I never really announced what character I am going to cosplay.

So here it is! I am going to do Panty during a photoshoot with a friend who will go as Stocking!!

I've been working on this project for a while now since I don't have anything better to do at home.

I started tweaking two guns that I bought a couple of years ago to make it look like Panty's Backlaces. (I don't know the name of Stocking's panties, the second gun Panty uses.)

I can't create guns from scratch so I used these toy guns that I had and painted it to make it look like Panty's guns.

So this is Backlace, Anarchy Panty's gun.

And this is my final output:
I will add the ribbon on the mouth of the guns after I do the final coat. :)

Then I did a "breakdown" on her accessories. I found her bangles easily but her red earrings and necklaces were a bit elusive so I decided to make my own accessories. I did not want to buy something that does not look exactly like what she was wearing.

Panty imitating Garterbelt!
On the necklaces:
I used soft metal wire and gold beads and put them together. LOL
I used wires to achieve a round necklace just like Panty's. One necklace is slightly bigger than the other.
Then I wrapped an old pair of earrings with red lace (since surprisingly I can't find Panty's simple earrings anywhere!)

This is a photo of the finished products. The two necklace and the pair of earrings. The bows are for the details of my guns. :)
I 'fattened' it up on purpose so that it will be visible when I wear the wig. 
So the Panty default cosplay is all set for next week! 
The shoes are ready! I wore them when I did a trial and review on the Alice wig that I bought for Panty. Read all about it here. 

For a promo ramp this Wednesday, July 24...
I was invited to be a guest promoter for the AdZU Cosplay event in the Ateneo campus while wearing a costume. Since the organizer encouraged the guests to wear light costumes, I decided to go as Panty in school uniform.

This is a scene from the second episode of the series. Panty and Stocking went undercover as students in Daten High School to find the demon who has invaded the institution.

Again, I did a breakdown on Panty's overall appearance.

I already have the sunglasses, the top and skirt. I recently bought her green necktie and red circle earrings. I made her patch using craft foam sheet and colored paper.

Sheed helped me in finding this neck tie. Yay for Sheed! 

And the patch!

Phew!! Quick preparations for cosplays make me nervous for the outcome. 
I am not sure that this one will turn out fine but I do really want to cosplay this during the promo ramp so I guess I just have to do my best. 


Default Panty trial with an unstyled wig. 

With styled wig and droopy eyes. School uniform trial! 

So that's it! If you see me at AdZU as Panty, don't hesitate to approach me and introduce yourself! I would love to meet my readers from Zamboanga!

Love lots! 

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  1. I love the anime. XD I especially enjoy their transformation process. =)) Will you be cosplaying during the Centennial celebration? :)

    1. Yes I will! Although, I still don't know what character I am going to cosplay that day.
      See you there!

  2. hahaha... oh so creative !!! I love it! But, such an interesting name... Panty!


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