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Monday, 22 July 2013

Anarchy Panty Wig and Makeup Trial

Hey guys! So I wanted to try on a few makeup styles before my guest appearance on the promotional walk/ramp of the Otaku Attaku AdZU cosplay event inside the AdZU campus. This makeup took me almost an hour to put on because of all the experimenting that I did with my products. At least now (after doing this trial), I know what to apply on the day of the promo walk.

Another reason for this trial is to find the perfect makeup combination for my upcoming Anarchy Panty cosplay shoot with my partner Bea as Stocking in a hotel downtown.

Anyway, here are some of the self-captured shots that I took after I did the makeup. Sorry for the low quality photos!

Styled Anarchy Panty wig by yours truly! I made an ahoge by tying a few strands of the wig on top of my head using rubber bands. Then I trimmed one long "bang" and sprayed on lots of hairspray to group this portion of fibers together. I also spiked the wig fibers on top and on the rest of the wig using the same hairspray.

I think I need to soften the pink eyeshadow next time. Or maybe I just need to blend it in more.
Panty's eyeshadow in the series is pink, so I tried doing pink smokey eyes effect on my lids.
For my eyebrows, I used yellow eyeshadow to match the wig color.

Then I used fake lashes to achieve pretty anime-like eyes. For my lips, I used AVON in nude shade first then L.A. Colors Lilac Frost for the second coat. This combination gave a light shade of pink for my lips.

So I am pretty much satisfied with this makeup trial. It's evident on the number of self-captured shots I took after finishing the makeup. LOL 

So that's it for this post! I would love to hear your opinions on this comment. I want to improve this look in any way. Comment your suggestions down below! 

This is the official promotional poster for the upcoming AdZU cosplay event on July 29! I will be appearing as a guest cosplayer on that day. I can't wait!

Poster by Bee

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