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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

EVENT UPDATES: AdZU Cosplay Event guesting!

Short update while I work on the photos. Got tons of shots from the cosplay event~

Well, my friends and I were invited to guest in the recent AdZU cosplay event as cosplayers. We promoted the otaku gathering a few days before the actual event. It was like an invasion of cosplayers in AdZU!

July 24: We handed out flyers and entertained questions regarding the cosplay event. A lot of students were enthusiastic about the program, especially the grade school kids. They asked about the characters that we were cosplaying and talked about their favorite anime shows. Chibi otakus!

Dressed up as Panty in her school uniform.
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July 29: The day of the event! Everything was rushed, including my skirt! The event was announced two weeks before - not enough time to make big preparations! So I decided to go as Saber in her casual clothes. (I jokingly told them I'm from the Carnival Phantasm series instead of Fate/Stay Night. LOL)

It was my first time to wear the Saber wig and good thing I have learned a lot from it. I need to modify a few thins so that next time I am going to wear it, it will be properly secured on my head (It kept on falling off, making me look like I cut the bangs waaay short!). Maybe I'll have my Excalibur too! 

(PS: I asked my favorite Saber cosplayer, Maridah, for tips and she swiftly responded to my messages with a link of a tutorial! I will be forever grateful to you, Maridah!)

Bow down before your king!
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Well, that's it! Watch out for my overall AdZU cosplay report soon! Will try to add more photos of the event and the cosplayers! 

Love lots!


  1. I adore Saber. You got all of the details of her get up right! I'm kinda regretful that I missed this event. I might attend the next one in December because my brother will be participating.

  2. Ohhhh... since my son is out of ADZU already, I am not updated of the activities... but was really busy, too! Did it rain that day?

  3. Yaaay! Gusto ko yung 1st photo with the kids! Cute! :)

  4. Cool outfits! Too bad I'm not studying anymore. Would've been there to watch. :(


  5. I watched the show. It was sugooooi~
    Will you be having another one this December AtFest?

    It's just so sad that I'm already a graduate thus I don't know what the updates for the AtFest are.

    Oh btw, I saw your photo on Instagram. Where'd you buy the kumashi? it's so kawaii~ ♥


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