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Thursday, 4 July 2013

SHIPPU! Konoha Gakuen Den TRIAL Shoot + GIFs

Hey guys! Here's a post on our last summer shoot - our Konoha High School Cosplay during the local Open Naruto Shoot last June 2, 2013.
This was just a trial on our costumes. This was a way to discover which part of the cosplay needs improvement.

We were invited to this local shoot by a few friends and we did not decide to join until the last minute! (Three days before the shoot!)
We quickly discussed on which Naruto character to cosplay and the three of us agreed to do TEAM 7 cosplay from
Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den.

Here's a video of the OVA:

Within three days, we were able to produce wigs and costumes!
My mom helped me with my Konoha Gakuen uniform. We modified my high school skirt for this. 
My mom trimmed the skirt short and I used the excess part of the skirt to make a sailor collar. I sew the collar to a shirt and voila! A seifuku! LOL 

Here are our photos and GIFs of that day.
Have fun!

Sasuke: Sheed
Naruto: Shiba
Sakura: Cee
Photos taken by Gail
Video footage taken by Tal

Our video that day

Trying to be in-character.
I saw this TEAM 7 fan art where the three of them were holding hands with each other.  This is our version. 
Naruto: You wanna fight, pretty boy?
Sakura: Don't you dare touch Sasuke-kun! (in a cute way? LOL)
Sasuke: -----

FORGIVE US! We were having so much fun that day, we can't stay in-character all the time! 

How we describe the friendship of TEAM 7. Lol

We captured random GIFs that day too!

Soldier walk! Sasuke was still in-character. 
King Naruto!

BAH We can't stay in-character. Even Sasuke is smiling here! LOL
So a friend asked me to help with her Kabuto makeup for the shoot. I was detained in the waiting area and because of this, Naruto and Sasuke left me and continued on shooting in the woods. BAH! Enjoy your alone time together while you can!

Here's a photo of the finished Kabuto makeup. Shiba helped me with some of its parts. 

The following are dramatic shots of the friendship of Naruto and Sasuke. 

Then they shot a series of funny GIFs.
So much for the dramatic moment!

Their expressions were still in-character despite the pose. 
Anyway, I got jealous of all these bromance moments so I chased them through the forest. 

Was successful in chasing them, this shot is a proof.
Sasuke is MINE! 

Then these two escaped my clutches and continued their bromance moments.
NARUTO: Sasuke, I'm flying!
SASUKE: My heart will go on......

I think we did more spoof photos than serious ones. Oh well!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Til next time! 

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