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Monday, 15 July 2013

UPCOMING EVENT: 'ADZU 100 and BEYOND: Otaku Attaku!' + CEEcosplay updates!

Hey guys! I'm back with good news to the cosplay community:
ADZU 100 and BEYOND: Otaku Attaku! 
(EDIT: Since the RSVP on FACEBOOK is open only to those invited, I shall post the event details here.)

"As we culminate the celebration of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University's Centennial Celebration, the Alliance of Religious Organizations in coordination with the Zamboanga Cosplayers present Otaku Attaku!

This event will showcase presentations, fun, and games otaku-style!

Be there and show your otaku side! Admission is free!"

When: July 29, 2013 / 2-4PM
Where: Brebeuf Gym, Ateneo de Zamboanga University

I will be appearing as a cosplaying guest at the event. Who am I going to cosplay? Well, it's still a mystery even to myself. I only have two completed cosplay sets for an event out of town and a photoshoot. This cosplay convention in ADZU was an unexpected one so I think I am going to pull one of my incomplete cosplays that I have been slowly working on finish before the day of the event.

If you are going to this event, well... I want to meet you! I will be announcing my character as soon as I complete the entire cosplay set so watch out for it here.

I think I'll be bringing my CosCards along for exchange. It's good to meet new cosplayers based here in Zamboanga.


I mentioned above that I completed two cosplay sets for different cosplay events. One is for an upcoming photoshoot at a hotel here in Zamboanga and one is for an event that I will be attending out of town. I have not revealed the names of the characters anywhere but I have been giving hints and clues on my Instagram account and Facebook page.

Anyway, here is a teaser on the cosplay sets that I have completed. This will totally give out the characters that I have been keeping a secret for a while. :)

These are the props that I am going to use with each cosplay.

So there! Name the two characters that I am going to cosplay soon. Comment it down below!

That's it for updates! If you are going to the upcoming ADZU Cosplay event, comment down below! Hoping to see you there!


  1. Thanks for the info! My brother would love to know about this. I really wanna try cosplaying, but I don't have the time and resources for it. Good luck though!

    1. Are you going to the event? I wanna meet you~! :)
      Good think I blogged about this event. It's open to only 20 non-adzu cosplayers but ADZU students and Alumni are welcome to join the fun and cosplay! :)

  2. Omo, I heard about this too. :) hough I won't be cosplaying, I might just go around as a around spectator. XD

  3. wow! this is amazing Cee! :) good luck with the event. :)

    1. Thank you ate Rhea! Will try covering the event while cosplaying! ^_^

  4. Yay! Nuni! I hope I could go and see you! Expect people stares as usual! :))

    1. Please go! hehe.
      The stares!! Maybe I'll return those with smiles. ;)

  5. When will this be? This is most interesting...and I guess a first for the ADZU community! Good luck with this endeavor!

    I would like to share a past experience which was a Star Trek wedding two years ago...one of my niece is a Cosplayer (is this right?) and so she had lots of wigs which she shared with the aunts!


    1. I totally forgot that the FB RSVP is somewhat private.
      Anyway, it will be on July 29 at Brebeuf Gym, ADZU. 2-4PM!

      See you there po!! <3

  6. wow want to see this event... i think this will be really fun.. xoxo www.chelsea-farrell.com


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