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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

AdZU COSPLAY REPORT: AdZU Cosplay Promotional Ramp

Been busy making accessories that I didn't notice that it's already August! Time to post my report on the two AdZU cosplay events that I participated recently. The first one will be the promotional ramp that we did inside the Ateneo Campus.

Cosplayers during the ramp 
The aim of this activity is to promote the AdZU cosplay event 'Otaku Attaku' (that was held on July 29) during the celebration of the AdZU 100 and Beyond. Some of my friends who were helping in organizing the event invited cosplayers to help promote the Otaku Attaku to AdZU students. I gladly obliged to the invitation and prepared my costume for that day.

I was with my friends during the ramp. Look at my mango-shake hair! 
I went as Panty from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Daten High School version since we were going to cosplay in a school. Almost all of the cosplayers went in their seifuku! It was like a meetup of students from different Japanese schools. LOL. We gave out flyers and showed the official poster of the event to the faculty, students and staff.

Yours truly with Queen and PJ

Met a new friend during the ramp. This is Craig! 
Only a few people recognized the character that I was cosplaying that day. But the kids were talking with us enthusiastically anyway. They were talking about their love of anime and their excitement on the second cosplay event in AdZU,

I had fun talking with these kids! They were asking for flyers of the event for their friends.
I enjoyed this short parade inside the campus! It was nice seeing different expressions on the faces of the students while we were promoting the event. Some of them enjoyed the activity and some... well.. :)

I would like to thank the organizers of these parade and to my friends who accompanied me during the activity. Thank you for helping me with my things! :)

What I've been doing lately. 
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That's it! Watch out for the AdZU Otaku Attaku report soon! 
Thank you for reading~ 


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