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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

EVENT: AdZU 100 and Beyond - Otaku Attaku

The second AdZU cosplay event that I participated just recently is the 
Otaku Attaku Cosplay Convention!

The cosplay event was organized by the AdZU Alliance of Religious Organization together with the Alumni Office and sponsored by the Sugarfluff Cosplay Shop for the AdZU 100 and BEYOND Celebration.

July 29, 2013 - 1:30PM
Ateneo de Zamboanga University Campus

Cosplay reference.
Casual Saber Nendoroid
Photo by Sheed
I went as Saber in her casual attire from Fate/Stay Night. (I jokingly tell others that I am from Carnival Phantasm.) I've been wanting to cosplay Saber ever since I watched Fate/Zero. I was amazed by Saber's fighting skills as a servant to Emiya.

Sheed encouraged me to cosplay Saber. We only had two weeks to prepare our costumes so Casual Saber was the only version that I can do with that short period of time. Still I have no regrets in cosplaying this version. This is some sort of a trial for that grand Saber cosplay I've been preparing.

My cousin tagged along with us. Mikee is also a cosplayer but she did not dressed up that time because she just came from one of her classes and did not have enough time to prepare.

The highlights of the event was the cosplay lecture and the anime quiz hosted by the organizers.

A long time friend, Mariel, joined the anime quiz and won prizes! 
Look how happy she is!
And now, presenting my companions during the event...
I went with my friends from HaruSuika and my clanmates from NECo (Nihon Enthusiasts Coalition, an otaku organization based here in Zamboanga.)
This was NECo's first cosplay event so we brought a banner bearing our logo and promoted the group.
Look! My ahoge is included in this photo!
Our group NECo is a newly created otaku clan so we promoted it that day to potential members. Here are some cosplayers who supported our group by posing with our banner.

As the quiz was going on, we roamed around to explore the event room. There was nothing much going on other than the quiz. It was a small event after all so we made the most out of it by having fun.

We had a photo with this cherry blossom trees backdrop. It was too small for our group!
L-R: Cee, Gail, Shan, Gin, Myr, PJ and Queen.
Photo by Sheed.
Friends and NECo clanmates.
Then we had a photo with this SNK backdrop.
You can't see much of the tarp but we imitated this famous kick pose from the series. 

The shenanigans continue!
Saber looking fabulous during a fight between these warriors. LOL
Saber and Miku exchanging clip-ons. 
And I don't know what they were doing here. Miku and her big weapon and Sheed with his camera versus Gail? :D
Look, my bun!
I met new friends during the event. I was glad that I got the chance to chat with them even only for a few minutes. A few others recognized the character that I was cosplaying. Saber is not really popular here so meeting a handful of fans is really nice!

With Altaire, another Saber fan.

With Bea who is a reader of my blog! Awww I spazzed when she approached me and recognized me as Cee.
She said that she reads my blog and mentioned a few posts that I wrote here! Awwwwww :">
This is Rebekah. We discovered that day that we were cousins and she is also a cosplayer! So glad to know that I have another cousin who is also cosplaying! 
Theresa went as Rin Tohsaka that day. Yaaay a cosplay partner! 

Please forgive me for being out-of-character. I love giving hugs and glomping people. A few con-goers were just irresistible! 
Saber glomping!!
With my long-time friend Mariel <3
Chicken!! I love you Chicken! You so cuute!
Saber loves Baby Rin. :D

The cosplay event ended with a cosplay catwalk and winners of the best cosplay competition were picked after. These are the photos of my catwalk.

I wish I knew that there was a cosplay catwalk in the end! I should have made preparations instead of just doing a normal walk. I would have loved to dance Super Affection from Carnival Phantasm! 

Anyway, congratulations to the winners and to the organizers of the events! 

That's it for now! Thank you for reading my report! Til next time, loves!

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