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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hana Kanzashis - Maiko-inspired Traditional Japanese Hair Ornaments

Remember my post about fabric flowers that I made for a giveaway? I tried making a couple hana kanzashis inspired from the accessories worn by an apprentice Geisha, the Maiko. They wore these elaborate accessories with flowers and dangling decorations.

My folded flowers are simpler than the actual authentic kanzashi. These accessories are my own designs.
They are also for sale! Please send me a message on my cosplay facebook page. 
Link here.

I did not want to sell these babies off but because of my cosplay project with my group NECo and my upcoming cosplay vacation this weekend, I needed the to raise extra funds for my pocket. :D 

Pink and white Dahlia flower bouquet with dangling falls. 
Violet, pink and white bouquet with dangling falls.

So what do you think of these Japanese hair accessories? If you want a specific fabric flower accessory made, then don't hesitate to send me a message on my Facebook account or email me at:
Email: yourstrulycee@ovi.com

That's all! Thank you for reading! 

PS: Join our ongoing Facebook giveaway! 

Click on the photo to join!

The giveaway flowers are open for remakes. Order one now!

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