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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Cee won Ying Tze's Giveaway~!

Okay so after a few days of not blogging, I am back again. I am having problems with the Internet connection back home. The customer service agent of the company keeps on telling me that they are having the lines fixed since last week and they won't be able to tell me when the connection will become stable again.

I can't take the isolation! The place where I live is on alert level (my city is under siege, yeah I know it sounds  medieval but it's true), I can't go outside and do other things so I am stuck at home... It was terrifying. D:

Anyway, I'm at my cousin's house at the moment.. leeching their connection. Haha. So this post will only be quick as lightning. I can't stay long here.

So yeah, I just want to share how I won Ying Tze's (on of my favorite cosplay idols) giveaway!

About her giveaway...

She announced it on her facebook fan page that she will be giving away 8 sets of prints and coscards to lucky winners in celebration of her recent Facebook milestone: 8000 page likes ~!

From the description of the photo:
"As promised , this is my 8K Giveway ! I will be giving out 8 sets of my postcard size prints ( Neko , Kuro Usagi , Miku and Sonico ) + my coscard ! To participate , you just need to tell me : Which cosplay of mine is your favorite and Why do you like my cosplay ?

I'll pick 8 answers that I like the most ~ Good Luck !"

I saw this on my news feed and tried to join in. I just typed in what I remember that day:

The first time I saw her in that Mari Makinami cosplay, I instantly became her big fan! 
I joined the giveaway because I just want to let her know how a big fan I am of her works, this opportunity where she will read all of her fans' post (even the long ones) comes rarely so I just grabbed it!

Then five days later, I saw this update on my news feed:
THERE'S MY NAME! NUMBER 6! I am winner number 6! I won a set of her prints and coscard! 

This will be my first time in owning a cospalyer's print. I never really buy or collect some famous cosplayer's print. I rarely fan girl any cosplayer but when I do, I turn on my fanstalk mode. Haha! I research everything about this certain cosplayer I choose to idol and follow his/her accounts and or blog.

So yeah, maybe that explains why I don't own any print presently. And I am so happy that Ying Tze's prints will be the first ones that I will own.

The feels.. everywhere!

I wish I can get back to my regular blogging days. I wish the connection will go back the way it used to be. D: 

Anyway, thank you so much for reading!

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1 comment:

  1. Congrats Mam Cee! (Sorry nasa mobile ako ngayon ksi I have mu flu :'( honto ni gomen nee -.-)
    Ying Tze is a great cosplayer, but waaaaaaaaaaaah! Asdfghjkl! The prize are more envious than I thought! X3
    A great achievement for a big fan! :3



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