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Friday, 6 September 2013

GIVEAWAY: Draco Princess Giveaway

It's been a long time since I had a collab blog giveaway. So after months from the previous blog giveaway, I give you DracoPrincess' 1st Blog Anniversary Gveaway with yours truly as one of the sponsors!

A blog giveaway together with  

I sponsored the floral accessories there. These are the newest products available for made-to-order in my shop!

These are the detailed photos of the accessories included in the first prize package:
Fabric Flower Comb
Flower Crown
First prize:
macro lens, shiny stick-ons, iPhone 4/s case, gluta-kojic soap, clutch bag, bracelet, Classique soap, flower crown and floral hairpin

And this is the detailed photo of the accessories included in the second prize package:
Flower clips
Second prize:
fish-eye lens, colorful hairpins, gluta-kojic soap, floral hairclip, contact lenses, pouch, lipgloss, pink bracelets, earrings and Classique soap.
To join the giveaway, follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter app below. This giveaway is only open to Philippine-based readers only.

Good luck!


  1. Name: Marykyut Rosey
    E-mail Address: sylphyl@gmail.com
    I would be interested if you could share about how to take care/maintain the form of wig/s. Just a friendly suggestion. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and hope my entry is valid :)

    1. Wrote something similar. Hope it helps and thank you for joining!

  2. hope to win. :D

    goodluck to everyone who entered. :D

  3. Name: Erica Celine Cassandra Berongoy-Fernandez
    email: eccpabellon@gmail.com

    i hope! i really like this blog. . . particularly the growing society of cosplay community in Zamboanga. . . and also, get fascinated by the Fabric Flowers by Cee! This blog is really perfect! I really hope!

    Here are the blog posts which I really want to share!

    1. Zamboanga Cosplay - http://yourstrulycee.blogspot.com/p/zamboanga-cosplay.html
    ------------> it's because i really want to see how cosplay community here in the philippines, since i am from davao, i am looking from other neighboring towns that can see the cosplay community and i am scouting if i can throw a cosplay event there, and i am truly blessed because aside from those big cities in mindanao, Zamboanga is also progressing!

    2. About Cee C. - http://yourstrulycee.blogspot.com/p/about-cee-c.html
    ------------> Cee C. is a cosplayer and a blogger, and i really inspire her blog (seriously, her blog is an epic blog than mine, if you want to go in my blog, click this link: http://erichi25.tumblr.com) and i know it's really hard to run a blogspot-blog. . . she is also a crafts specialist especially in making fabric flower kanzashis (since i have one of them) and i am getting attached to it since i saw her MTO kanzashis in her FB page and her blog (and yes, i am a regular visitor and i read her blog more often before going to my online job). Her life is so simple: like having a life as a techie cosplayer is really carefree as other people do (which cosplayers of today are now dreadful, like here in davao. siraan ng other groups, siraan ng events organizer to other, etc. because i am also an event organizer too, together with my fiance). That's why everyday i looked at her blog, it makes me raelize that i want to share her blog because every moment i wake up in the morning it makes me realize that. . .
    "erica, dami pang cosplayer na may totoo ng pagkatao. be inspired on those people who has it" like ma'am cee's blog. . i have a screen shot of mam cee's blog bookmark on my google chrome :D

    and that's why i have always been a fan of hers :D

    1. aawww thaank youuu <3

    2. you're welcome mam cee :3
      THANK YOU PO for making me inspire everyday ^_^ <3

  4. Arjayssa Reyes

    I would love to see more D.I.Y. kikay accessories on your blog. :)

  5. Name: Lynee Ayuban
    E-mail: lyneeayuban29@gmail.com

    topic is how to make this very cute and amazing fabric flower.. :-)

    Goodluck every one

  6. Name: Eva Mae Lipura
    E-mail Address: evamaelipura@gmail.com
    Zamboanga Cosplay http://yourstrulycee.blogspot.com/p/zamboanga-cosplay.html

  7. Diana Beatima

  8. Name: Leny Martinez
    E-mail Address: euniceafaith@yahoo.com
    Is there a topic that you'd like this blog to feature?'please share on how to make a flower fabric..

  9. Name: Crystal Cruz
    E-mail: crystalcruz1986@yahoo.com
    Is there a topic that you'd like this blog to feature? I love reading how to take good care of a new born baby, how to treat hiccup etc

  10. Name: April Rose
    Email Address: aprilroz.89@gmail.com
    I would like you to feature what to do for a creative costume we can make at home for the coming Halloween..:)

  11. Name: Bea Boneo
    E-mail Address: beapatriciaboneo@yahoo.com
    Is there a topic that you'd like this blog to feature? I really want your blog to feature more DIYs. :"") Since I'm a really on-the-go-for-thrifty-stuffs kekeke~ <33

    1. i think you refer to Mam Cee's other websites at fabricflowersbycee.blogspot.com ;)


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