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Monday, 16 December 2013

The Yuletide Giveaway

Hey there! I am still struggling to get back to blogging as I lost my laptop just recently. The poor thing succumbed to computer virus and now I am using the old PC we have which is super lag that it takes me a minute or two to just log in to anything (sometimes more than a minute if I have many tabs open!)

I've been creating my giveaway photo and the rafflecopter app for about 4 hours now. UGH! But for you, my dear readers, I am willing to extend my patience just to bring you ANOTHER GIVEAWAY with an awesome prize! 

KKCenterHK, a shopping website that sells beauty products just sponsored a cosplay wig for this giveaway.
Yes, you can win a wig for free! 

Cee's Wonderland

The Yuletide Giveaway!
1 (One) Two Clip On Wavy Ponytail Cosplay Full Wig
Personally, I think you can cosplay Miku Hatsune's Senbonzakura version with this wig. Or you can wear it with a matching lolita outfit or just wear it for fun! 

To join the giveaway, just follow the simple mechanics found on the rafflecopter app below:

***If a task on the Rafflecopter gadget is NOT APPLICABLE to you, PLEASE SKIP IT. If you would type anything such as "none", "n/a", etc. and submit it, the points allotted for that task would still be credited to you even though you did not do the task asked. This is one form of CHEATING, may it be intentional or not. So DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING ON THE VERIFICATION BOX AND SUBMIT IT if you do not have the account for the task or you did not/choose not to do it. We do these giveaways for our faithful readers and it would be unfair to those who really exerted the effort to do every single task to gain their rightful points. Thank you and Good luck!

This giveaway will end on December 30, 2013 and is open toPhilippine Residents ONLY. 
The Winner will be chosen shortly after. 
It will be announced on this blog and/or on my social media accounts.

Good luck and Merry Christmas! 

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Thursday, 12 December 2013


Hello guys! It's been a while.

I think you have noticed my absence this past couple of months without announcing it here on my blog.

Please forgive me! The reason why I was not able to update on my blog is that I was reviewing for the licensure examination for nurses that I took last December 7 and 8. The exam was pretty much important to me so I had to focus on studying

My accessory shop went on hiatus too. I stopped taking orders on Fabric Flowers by Cee. My online life pretty much went laylow. 

AND I also stopped cosplaying and attending/hosting photo shoots. I missed that part of my life! I miss wearing makeup and costumes. Sigh. 

Anyway, now I am back for good and I have great plans for my blog! I'll be starting my revival with an awesome giveaway for you all! 

A clue for that upcoming giveaway: a product essential to cosplayers. <3 Yaay!! 

Stay tuned for more details! 

Thank you for supporting me til now. 

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