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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

QUICK POST: Wig Fixing

Hey guys! So I will be discussing about wig fixing and how I do it. This is not a real tutorial though, just posting some photos of the wigs that I fixed before.

I did post a wig combing tutorial a couple of years ago. Here's a link of the video that I did using my mobile camera:

Basically fixing wigs is easy. You have to wash it first with shampoo conditioner, let it dry then comb it like how I did on the video above.

Maybe I'll make a decent post on 'how to shampoo wigs' later. For now, I would like to show what the wig will look like after using the method shown on the video above:

Original appearance of the wig after using it for a trial.
So it's not really that tangled. Just messy after moving around wearing it.

So after combing it for a few hours (patience is a big thing when fixing wigs, mind you) I achieved this:

Tadaa!! Well combed wig ready to store. 
I didn't use any wig care product while fixing this clip-on. Only a hair iron to straighten out wig fibers. I usually comb my wigs before storing it because leaving it tangled makes it prone to frizz. We don't want that on cosplay wigs.

This is another wig that I fixed a few months back. I think I wore this during a shoot (at times like that, you make a lot of movements that tangles the wig that you wear) that's why the tangles on this one is crazy!

I used the magical solution while de-tangling this long wig. (Magical solution: 1/3 fabric softener, 2/3 water)
I sprayed it on and combed the tangles and then iron it using styling iron (using the combing method that's on the video above).

I think it took me about 3-4 hours to totally comb out every tangles on this wig. I used a steel comb and wide-toothed comb to carefully separate the fibers and comb it well. I want to avoid as much hair loss as possible. :)

Pretty neat, eh? I think the biggest asset in fixing wigs is not the equipment that you own but the patience that you have. The method is really easy and doing this lengthens the life span of your cosplay wig. These cosplay wigs don't come cheap so it's really important to take care of them.

Anyway I do offer wig fixing and styling services for a small fee (If you want a professional to fix or style or wigs). :) (Cosplayers must raise funds in little ways, you know.)

For inquiries, contact my facebook page or this number: 0906 853 3763

How do you fix your cosplay wig? Comment down your techniques below! ^_^ 

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