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Friday, 10 January 2014

WIG REVIEW: LUCAILLE Saber wig + Kirei Itami shopping experience

Hey guys! Remember my Saber cosplay during the ADZU EVENT: AdZU 100 and Beyond - Otaku Attaku? Well, for that cosplay I pre-ordred a brand new wig from an online shop on Facebook: Kirei Itami.

Disclaimer: I bought this wig with my own money. I was not paid or sponsored to do this review. 

About the shop:
Kirei Itami is an online shop based on Facebook managed by two cosplayers namely Andrea and Khaylee. They mainly offer pre-order and onhand cosplay wigs of different brands. This was my first time transacting with them and I must say, I had a great shopping experience. They responded my messages promptly and even accommodated my order which was not included in their catalog.

This is Saber from Fate/Stay Night :)
Photo by Sheed

So..my order was the 3-in-1 Saber cosplay wig from Lucaille. It was a pre order wig, meaning the owners do not have the product with them and they have to order it from the company by batch (pertaining to batch cut-off). SO I have to pay the full amount and wait for about 2-3 weeks before the wig arrives.

The wig was worth the wait! 
1,730 PHP
Free Shipping and Wig Cap
So why is it called 3-in-1 cosplay wig? Well, because I can wear it to 3 different versions of Saber:
  1. Default Saber/Saber Nero
  2. Fate/Zero Saber in suit
  3. Saber Lily
The wig is made of Japanese Kanekalon fiber and is heat resistant ( can be curled or iron if desired). When it comes buying wigs with complicated styling, I prefer the brand Lucaille. It's one of the companies that produce high end cosplay wigs with reasonable prices. This Saber wig is a bit pricey compared to other brands' Saber wig but because of its features: the big bun and the thick and long base wig, I did not hesitate in buying this brand. And to think, it's budget friendly than others if you are planning to cosplay other versions of Saber. Instead of buying a whole new wig for your future Saber cosplays, you can just remove the bun and it can be Saber Lily's wig or tie the base wig low and it can be Fate/Zero Saber's wig. How cool is that? :)

Here are some of the photos taken upon opening the package:

The wig order came with a free wig cap. Both wig and bun was wrapped in wig net to prevent them from tangles.
Wig was with original tag that says it's from Lucaille and that it's a Saber wig. No special packaging whatsoever.
The ahoge (group of hair strands that stands on the top of the wig).
You have to fix the ahoge for it to stand, although it does not stand for a long time. 
The base wig was tied up nicely. The ponytail can't be removed easily. I tried.
Lucaille tag on the base wig net, proving that it really is a Lucaille brand wig.
Wig net is laced type, common for branded wigs.
Traces of glue stick visible on the bun. >_<
Other than that, the entire thing is clean.
The bun is really huge! And it fits perfectly on the base wig's thick ponytail.
The two set of clips holds on to the base wig. It easily falls off if not properly secured. >_<
So I fixed the ahoge a bit and it stood up! :)
The bangs on the base wig is really long which is preferred so that it can be styled to the shape of the user's face.
Taken with flash. The wig appears light blonde.
Taken without flash. I don't know how to place this color. It looks a little brown here.

Color: 5/5
Quality: 4/5

The downer of this wig: after wearing it for a few ours in an event is that it slowly falls of my head due to the weight of the ponytail and bun. You have to adjust it from time to time so that it won't completely come off your head! (I fixed this problem after the event. Find out how on my next wig post soon!)
Also, if not properly secured, the bun also falls off the pony tail! the clips inside it does not hold on to the base wig enough. The bun almost fell off during my cosplay ramp on the event. >__<

I am pretty much satisfied with the wig. It is what I expected after browsing the product photos from the company's website. After combing the wig a bit, it did not have any massive fiber falls.. It is not shiny compared to cheaper brands/cosplay wigs. The fibers are strong and thick which is preferred for cosplay wigs (we use them more than once or twice compared to ordinary party wigs).
The fibers are smooth and soft and the wig does not have any funny smell (smell is a big factor for me. LOL)

Would you recommend this wig brand to other cosplayers?
Oh yes! For a wig that you can cosplay 3 characters with... this is worth your money.
I recommend this wig brand to those cosplayers who want to cosplay more than one version of Saber and have a moderately high budget for a wig. (Every penny is worth it though!)

I would also like to recommend the shop Kirei Itami .They were really accommodating and patient in answering queries and such. The wig arrived on the expected time of arrival that they gave me which is a plus for them. It might not be a famous cosplay wig shop on facebook but at least they give good service. Goes to show that popularity does not justify an online shop's quality of service. ^_^

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