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Monday, 10 February 2014

Cosplay Work in Progress: Neo-Queen Serenity

Hey guys! I joined a cosplay group shoot: Sailor Senshi and my character is the Neo Queen Serenity! Neo Queen Serenity is the older Usagi, the queen of Crystal Tokyo.

Sailormoon is, I guess, the first anime that I watched.. EVER. I was shouting "mun-crystal-pawer-make-ar" when she's transforming to fight those goons. (Yes, that should be "Moon Crystal Power, Make-up" but the heck, I was 3!) I adore Usagi so much and I decided to portray her.

Image from Google
In the cosplay group that I joined, the default Usagi or Sailormoon was taken by another cosplayer so I chose to cosplay Neo Queen Sereniy. She's the mature version of Usagi and I wanted to learn more about her, and I think cosplaying her will let me learn a lot about this character.

I started working with this cosplay by reading a lot about Neo Queen Serenity. I also googled cosplay photos of her so that I may get an idea how to portray her during the shoot.

Her cosplay is pretty simple. The only difficult part is the gown and wings, I guess. She does not have a specific shoe design so I will be using my white dolly shoes.

I finished making her crown, earrings and moon face mark a few days ago. I was planning to have a real tiara made but after thinking it over, I decided to do it myself because really, I think that's the fun part in cosplaying... making the props all by your self. :)

Making the props yourself is a good way of saving money! 
I printed out a template taken from the Internet for her tiara. I used craft foam and gems for the details. I glued them on a hard plastic folder to make it sturdy. <3

Derpy girl wearing a tiara. I cant't wait to order her wig!! <3 
 So that's it for now. I am planning to head to my seamstress to have her gown made. I hope she won't charge me a lot for it! LOL

Thank you for reading and watch out for my Neo Queen Serenity Cosplay! <3

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