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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Makeup haul ready for review!!

Heyy guys! So during my Nursing Licensure exam review, I didn't totally leave my obsessions including my love for makeup. During those months, even though I was not able to post anything here.. I still kept my obsession alive by buying and collecting makeup.

I am planning to do a review on these soon, maybe on a video blog or a post. <3 I will review two products sponsored by KKCenterHK. (Which I have a 15% off coupon code for my readers: yourstrulyceeevent15off) 

For now, here are the makeup products that I collected during my review days.

These are the products sent to me by KKCenterHK for review:

Remember my CUICU Violet eyeshadow review? Well I chose another shade of eyeshadow from this brand for my Miku Hatsune cosplay. I really love this eyeshadow!
This one is a blush palette (Do you call it a palette when there are two colors in one case? I am such a noob)
The colors on this product are cream and brown. Can't wait to use this for contouring. 

So I bought the following products to complete my basic makeup kit. Been wanting to buy these for sometime now. Finally I have them in my collection! (PS: I love ELF products. They're affordable and safe.)

Waterproof mascara because I was totally not satisfied with the mascara that I bought. I hope I will get good results from this.

Blending eye brush for awesome eyeshadow application. :)

Face Primer for a lasting makeup. Sweating my makeup won't be much of a problem from now on! I hope this product gives out good results.
Well this one is not really for plucking my eyebrows, instead I will use them for applying eyelashes. <3 

Eye primer so that my eye shadows will last longer than usual. 
So that's it!! I am so ready for my cosplay comeback this coming Feb 25. We have a scheduled shoot on that holiday so watch out for it!

Thank you for reading. <3

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