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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Happy Birthday to Me! 2013 and 2104

Hey guys! Reviewing my photos, I just realized that I have not posted any photos of last year's birthday party! Overdue birthday post starts now!

Well, it was nothing special really. Just a small celebration with a few friends and family.

The last few months of my senior year in college was such a drag! I was haggard from head to foot fulfilling requirements and completing duty hours in time for graduation. So... forgive my no-upkeep look here! It was my birthday but I did not really prepare my self for the celebration!

HaruSuika Production team on my birthday. :D
Gin, Gel, Aly, Gail and Sheed
My otaku friends went on my birthday!!!! Of course they would. These people would go anywhere for food. and I love them for that. LOL.
Well, we chatted a lot and took selfie photos on the iPad. I totally forgot what we talked about that day but I am sure we had lots of fun doing it.

Thank you for gracing my birthday. :D

Classmates with me puppies!! Poor irvin. :))
Irvin, Rie, Charles and Rhea.
My classmates came too. <3 They attempted to bag my puppies. >_< I still love you guys.

With my cousin, Mikee.
My aunts and cousin came and we celebrated my birthday. I think everybody was busy that night. I can't find any photos during the munch time. :))

Look at some of the goodies that I received that year! <3

Back to the future!
So here are some of the highlights of the celebration:

My birthday last month was a blast! 
A lot has changed over the year and I am more accomplished now. I graduated and passed the Nursing Licensure Exam. Oh yes and I look a little better than last year's birthday party. :))

I love this dress. It has these vintage puffy sleeves and print!
Photo by Gin. She was trying out my new prime lens, the nifty fifty!
Only three of them came. (Gracian, Gin and Sheed)
Aly is now living out of town and Gail has a day job that she can't leave. We are all mature now! :D

 It was a surprise visit! I was not even ready. LOL
I love these people.
Oh yeeyy! Dressed up as the birthday girl nao..
They came and ate and we watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Of course we enjoyed that movie. It was all about food, the topic we are all experts at. ^_^

They went home early because they still had evening classes that day. Thank you for coming, guys! I had fun even though we only bonded for a short time.

Anyway, I got three cakes this year!
Red Ribbon cake, the Hello Kitty cake and custard cake.
I love cakes! <3 yum!

This cake has 'Happy Birthday' in Japanese romanji. ^_^
AAAND my kawaii Hello Kitty cake from a kawaii person. Thank you so much for this! Never thought of receiving a HK cake on my birthday. :D

The nomnoms during my birthday. Ate a lot that night

Thank you so much for the greetings and birthday wishes last month! I really appreciate it.
And thank you for joining my birthday giveaway. I hope you enjoyed it.

A lot can change over a year.
I changed, not only in appearance but deep within I believe I matured a lot in one year.
I have a different outlook in life now. I now have goals and dreams that I want to achieve, and changes that I want to do in my life (changes for the better, like my appearance for example).
In one year, I had a direction, a path that I want to go.
This year, I am hoping the things that I am about to do will bring me closer to the dream that I want to fulfill.
Wish me luck on my journey!

The crazy caterpillar is slowly becoming a beautiful butterfly. :)

Thank you for reading!
Love lots,


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  1. Woah!
    I didn't get to greet you but yeah...
    Happy Birthday! :


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