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Friday, 28 March 2014

Have a #JollyBreak, Have a Jollibee Mixins with Kitkat! - Jollibee Mix-ins Bloggers Event

I've been so focused with my budding shop these days that I usually stay up late just to finish orders. At daytime, I shop at different craft stores for materials. The weather is not helping. Although it rains here sometimes, the heat after it is becoming unbearable as summer approaches. At the end of every shopping (walking to at least five different shops, each far away from the other) I feel tired and thirsty and hungry!

Usually, before I go home, I take a short break by eating something to relieve my hunger.

Speaking of breaks, Jollibee just launched a new campaign on making break times more enjoyable. I learned a lot about their new product last week! It was an informative yet fun activity for us ZBloggers who were invited to try the new dessert in the mentioned fast food menu.

Sir DJ Santos, thru ate Kai Grafia, invited us Zamboanga Bloggers to their promotional event last March 18, 2014 at the Jollibee Camins Branch. He was also the one who introduced to us the Jollibee KitKat Mixins and it's 'goodness in every scoop'!

Mr. DJ Santos discussing how breaks can be very rewarding to workaholic students and young adults.
Having break times once in a while while working is good for the body. It gives us a 'time out' from the stressful environment that we have in your workplace

Of course, while taking a time out from all the stress, we usually look for something to munch on and enjoy this break much more.

Having dessert is a great way to relieve stress during break time.
And, if you talk about desserts, why not try Jollibee's newest treat?

Jollibee KitKat Mixins!
Now we can enjoy our break in a whole new level with Jollibee's KitKat Mixins! 
"Crushed KitKat mixed in vanilla soft serve and caramel syrup.
Goodness in every scoop! Only 38PhP per serving."

It was my first time to try the new KitKat mixins and I must say, I was impressed! The dessert presented to us was more 'ice-creamy' than I expected. Compared to previous Jollibee mixins which the chocolate was tiny but whole, I was able to notice that the chocolate bars were crushed well. But when I tried the first scoop, I was able to taste the chocolate and wafer signature of KitKat in it!
(It really tips me off when I don't get the taste that I am expecting in a food. So yeah, the KitKat taste that I was looking forward to to this dessert was a big PLUS!)
The caramel syrup was a beautiful touch to the dessert. It added to the crave that I had after finishing the whole cup. LOL! (Me want moaaar!!)

I was not the only one who enjoyed every scoop of this dessert. Celebrity seatmate Kai Grafia of www.kaigrafia.com was loving her cup of goodness too! You can see it in this photo. :D

After the presentation, Jollibee came out and danced for us! LOL
I know I am not a child anymore but I really love mascots and I always enjoy watching them perform! :)

I had fun with my #JollyBreak with the ZBloggers that day! Top it off with a satisfied appetite with Jollibee KitKat Mixins and fries.

Thank you so much, Mr. Santos for inviting us and introducing Jollibee KitKat Mixins!
I really enjoyed my cup that day and I can't wait to have more of it!

I am looking forward to Jollibee's next bloggers' event!

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