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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Princess Bubblegum of Adventure Time

What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

I posted a teaser about a month ago and I think now's the time to post the final set of the shoot. 

This shoot was organized by yours truly, held last March 21, 2014 together with HaruSuika photographer Sheed and Mark of  王國民 Wang Guo Min photography. A friend tagged along dressed up in harajuku fashion. Photos of her dress up are uploaded on the HaruSuika page.

I have always wanted to do Princess Bubblegum of Adventure Time. With my twenty-ish age, I actually enjoyed the cartoon and watched all 4 seasons and a few episodes of the 5th season. The series is about friends Finn the Human and Jake the Dog and their wild adventure in the Land of Ooo . (This include saving princesses, fighting the evil doings of the Ice King, and hang out with other citizens of the land.) I personally like Jake's manly voice and wisdom and Finn's childish acts. Princess Bubblegum is my favorite princess! I like the fact that she's responsible and some sort of an experimental scientist.

This is the first costume sewn by a new seamstress for me. I personally like the puffy princess-like sleeves she made. Lovely!
Thank you Mikee and Jet for lending me these!
We only had a week to plan this shoot, that's why I was not able to find other AT cosplayers to join me. I used stuffed dolls as props and companions during the entire session.

The location of the shoot was at the Boyscout Headquarters, Pasonanca Zamboanga City.
It rained that day so we had to cut the session short. The shoot proper lasted for about one and a half hours, and that's why I only have a few decent shots for upload. The photographers will be organizing another shoot for this cosplay. I hope there won't be any rain by then!

Finn doll from Sheed. Jake doll from Mikee.
I love how accurate the details of the costume are. I know it's not a complicated gown but sometimes, some seamstresses take easy costumes for granted (they don't do the job very well). Not for this one, tho. The stitching is perfect and no adjustments were made after the first fitting. Good job for my new seamstress!

I tried copying PB's facial expression above:

I don't know if I got it right!

Special thanks to Mark and Sheed for being there with us. And to Fatima for dressing up that day together with yours truly.

Makeup, wig styling and crown by yours truly.
~ o ~

Sometimes, as old as I am, I can still connect my life to a cartoon series. Some series have meaningful lines that I usually ignore when I was a kid. (Back then, as a kid, I usually appreciate a cartoon series visually, and not the message it brings in every episode.)
Even though the conversations in the show were not constructed to impress, it still has memorable lines that could inspire us, one way or the other.

Most of the time, the show have lines like these:

Still, you got to pay attention for these:

Be inspired!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Visual Kei Band in the Philippines - UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ - Liwnag Sa Dilim cover

UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ does it again!
The Visual Kei rock band that is based in Japan will be returning to the Philippines to perform in Davao City during the BOA Summer Live on May 4, 2104.

Just like last time, they made a cover of a local OPM rock song as a promotional video for their coming performance. 

I want to attend the convention! Too bad I live far from Davao City.

My friends and I are fans of the Visual Kei fashion. We produced a photo shoot and music video cover a couple of years ago.
Read it here:

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Kyoto Chronicles - Kimono Shoot with NECo Group

"I long ago developed a very practical smile, which I call my 'Noh Smile' because it resembles a Noh mask whose face features are frozen. Its advantage is that men can interpret it however they want..."
- Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden 

A few of my close friends know that I am a big geisha junkie. I love the novel by Golden and I can't count how many times I have watched the movie. >_<
I already watched a lot of Geisha documentary videos online in order to study their makeup, clothing, movements and accessories. I learned how to wear a kimono, tie an obi and do their makeup by watching these videos. I am not an expert on this though! I still feel like a novice when it comes to Geisha knowledge.

The entire set I wore that day was pieced together by yours truly. It was not bought as one from a store.

The first piece I acquired is the obi. My mom and I found this in a thrift shop and we did not know at first that it was an obi. My mom intended to chop it and turn it into a table runner! Luckily, I was reviewing kimono photos before that time and when I got a closer look on the piece, I recognized its size and length and identified it as an obi.

Because my friends planned to do a Harajuku shironuri shoot, I learned how to make the Kanzashi (Japanese hair ornaments for kimono and yukata outfit) and eventually I opened a shop selling my creations.
Designing these hair ornaments is the hard part for me. Sometimes I lack ideas on making an ornament pleasing to the eyes! That's why I view a lot of kanzashi photos online to get inspiration.
My kanzashi set that day was inspired by one of my client's  previous orders. I used the color combination of maroon and cream and made a complete set of kanzashi for a Maiko (apprentice geisha).
The set consist of a hana kazashi, kanzashi with bira-bira and kanzashi comb.

The purse that I used during the shoot was bought by my mom. She was shopping one afternoon when she saw it, and knowing that I have an upcoming Kimono shoot, she bought it for me to use as a prop. ^_^

This is not an authentic geisha look for I have incorporated Maiko and Geiko/Geisha elements in my entire getup. My makeup and kimono are similar those of a Geiko's but I wore a Kanzashi set, just like a Maiko.
My obi belt was tied in a simple bow tie type. (I forgot the name of this type of tie >_<)

I wore blue lenses to copy Satsu's 'eyes like rain'. I don't have grey lenses so I chose the color closest to it.

The geisha facial expression is really mysterious. Viewing a lot of Geisha and Maiko photos online helped me achieve a look closer to the real thing.
They give out looks that make you want to know more about them. That is the kind of feeling that I get whenever I see candid photos of Geisha and Maiko online.

I tried it out during the photo shoot and the result is for you to judge.

I still have a lot of improvements to do in this dress up. I will do better next time, if given the chance. Maybe throw in some Oiran elements to it. I love their elegance and magnificent style as well!

"Without its mysteries, it cannot survive..."
One cannot really imitate a Geisha for their world is one big mystery only a few can uncover.
But for some of us who are interested in their flower world, we can only but appreciate it in our own way. As a cosplayer, I show my appreciation to this mysterious profession by dressing up like them and throwing in some ideas to make it my own.

So this is not a geisha cosplay or dress up. Rather, this is my way of showing gratitude to the blooming flowers that beautifies the modern world. 

Kimono: Richal Tamayo Shop
Slippers: Zick
Purse: My mother
Make up and hair styling by yours truly.

Shoot organize by yours truly.
More photos here.
The entire shoot was handled by HaruSuika.
Photographers: Gin and Sheed
Assistants: Emina and Miro

Special thanks to PJ and Queen for showing their support that day.

Date: February 25, 2014
Location: Butterfly Garden, Pasonanca Zamboanga City

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