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Saturday, 17 May 2014

My Oiran Accessory Style

Remember my Geisha-inspired photo shoot with my friends last February? Well, a photographer sent me a message telling me that she loved my version of a geisha and she asked me to model for her for a shoot. Of course I said yes! Who can say no to a photographer taking interest in cosplay and Japanese fashion?

So for the upcoming shoot with this certain photographer, I am going to upgrade my geisha-look into an Oiran-inspired kimono get up. (For Oiran information, click here and here.)
I will explain what an Oiran is soon. :)

Only a handful of photographers take interest in cosplay here in our city. Cosplaying and dressing up is not very popular here and we are still labeled 'weird' by the people who don't understand our hobby. By inviting other photographers to our cosplay shoots, we introduce to them the wonders of the hobby of dressing up.

At least, some of the photographers we invited appreciated our hard work at the end of every session

This is what I came up after searching modern oiran looks and get ups. I used my kanzashi and fabric flowers for this. Red is used to convey strong themes about the personality I will be playing on the photo shoot. I will be using modern artistic styles on the makeup (in contrast to the previous geisha shoot where I followed the traditional geisha makeup style). I already have a reference for the makeup! I can't wait to do a trial for everything.

I am also planning to buy another kimono to layer it with my black one. And of course the obi tie will be in front. I will be using my creativity on this get up instead of following the traditional look of the Oiran. I will be trying on a wig in one of the trials. I want to incorporate ancient hairstyles of the Chinese (which I found very fascinating while watching the movie 'Saving General Yang'.) Can't wait!
. ^_^

I am planning to watch the movie 'Sakuran'. It's a story of an oiran who rose to fame after being a maid girl. The plot sounded like Memoirs of a Geisha. I need a lot of reference for the poses, facial expressions, makeup and fashion. I hope this movie will give me a lot of ideas.

That's it! Watch out for my trail posts soon. ^_^

Thank you for reading!

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