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Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Lala Satalin Deviluke Work-in-progress

What have you been up to? :)

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I resumed watching anime! After being busy with events and training, I think I deserve to watch a new series again. A friend recommended To-Love Ru and I must say, I got hooked! 

I love the main character of this series. Her name is Lala Satalin Deviluke and she's an alien who fell for an average joe earthling, Yuki Rito. The story revolves around the daily life of Yuki, which turned out to be extraordinary now that she got accidentally engaged with the princess of Planet Deviluke, Lala. 

Lala is a fun and quirky girl who appreciates even the tiniest things that 'we human beings' usually overlook. Her crazy inventions spiced up Yuki's ordinary high school life, sometimes including his close friends and classmates. 

Often mistaken as a cosplayer because of her cute outfits, she depends on her dress mascot 'Peke' to help her dress up like an ordinary human being to avoid attracting attention. 

Because of her bubbly attitude and positive nature, I decided to cosplay three versions of Lala. Her default suit, her casual outfit and school uniform. It's not like I am preparing for a big shoot or anything! I just love making costumes/ preparing for a cosplay. It sparks my artistic nature and takes out my free time. :)

I have been updating my instagram account about the progress of both cosplays.

I started making her seifuku skirt and bow. I followed this tutorial on making a round pleated skirt for the cosplay. It's coming out nicely! I am almost done, actually! Just a few steps away in completing my very own skirt!

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Then I bought brown shoes for her seifuku cosplay. (This one is for my Yui and Saeko cosplays)
I always wore my loli-like black shoes for seifuku cosplays. But now I can complete a handful of my cosplays stored in my closet because of this. Yay! 
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Before buying the fabric for the skirt, I found this pink shirt that I never really used since I bought it. So I sew letters on it and turned it into Lala's shirt from episode 21 of Season 1 To-Love Ru. :)

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Costume change! I got my Peke clip from Bananahouse Clayground - makers of polymer clay goodies! I love how cute and accurate my clip turned out! Will definitely order my cosplay accessories from them from now on. hihi

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I am planning to wear this cosplay in town soon. I have always want to do a photo walk around town in costume, just like what cosplay and fashion enthusiasts do in Harajuku, Japan.

I wish I'll have the courage to do that soon! Waa!

And now for my main target, the default battle dress of Lala!

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I really find this costume cute! Her hat and tail are so adorable! She transforms in this dress when battling enemies or using her powers during her adventures. This is actually one of the complicated costumes I ever listed on my cosplay plans. It's a body fit suit - everything is covered with costume except the head. I just hope my seamstress can make this costume. I certainly want to wear this during a convention or photo shoot and emit that Lala-chii goodness to everyone! Hihi

I already printed out a lot of reference photos for the seamstress. I am figuring out what fabric to use for the costume and its details. I am still researching for the entire costume.

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I tried starting with her leggings. I dyed a pair of cycling shorts to violet and wore it on top of my white stockings. Seems legit? :)

I'll still ask my seamstress for advice. She will have the final say with this. I am no expert when it comes to fabric choices and such.

That's it! <3 Wish me luck on my Lala adventure! I hope by cosplaying this character, I might meet more To-Love Ru fans and have fan conversations with them just like what happened when I cosplayed Saber. :)

*fingers crossed~!

~ Love lots,

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