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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pink Bow Cafe visit by Cee

Yours truly with HaruSuika visited the newest themed-cafe in Zamboanga City.
The place was nicely decorated with Hello Kitty stickers and framed prints.
I love the overall cuteness of the place.

The food was okay. The food I ordered, baked macaroni, I have tasted better but for a lo price - it's a good order.
I will be coming back for the waffles and choco lava. It looked scrumptious when a staff served it to other customers.

Overall, if you are looking for a nice place to relax and enjoy, this is the place to be. If you love sweets and Hello Kitty and pink, then you ought to go and visit Pink Bow Cafe.
It's located at Estrada St. Tetuan, Zamboanga City.

PS: I used my old point-and-shoot camera to take this video. I like the fact that it's an autofocus camera. Finally I can film decent video blogs without worrying about the focus~

Thank you for watching my video and reading my post! Til next time! ^_^

Monday, 18 August 2014

WIG TRIAL: Sailor Moon/ Neo-Queen Serenity Wig

Hey guys! I am so happy that I received my Sailormoon pre-order wig last time. Again, I commend my trusted wig shop Kirei Itami for the wonderful transaction. This is the second time that I pre-ordered a wig from them and again I am very satisfied with our transaction just like last time.

Anyway, the wig arrived on time and in great condition. It was not squished or destroyed during the transport.

Tada!! Look how compact the wig is. That's why it's in perfect condition when I received it.

The wig brand is Ayanamisatorou, one of the popular wig brands in the market that caters high quality and durable wigs in many designs. I have read a lot of good reviews on this wig so I tried it out.

I will write a full review on this wonderful wig soon. <3 Watch out for that!

Thank you for visiting. Have a nice day.

Shironuri Teaser

Remember my post about an oiran fashion shoot?

Well, it is here! After battling with errands, shop orders and such, I am finally going to edit the photos from that shoot slowly.

To compensate my delay, here's a teaser for that shoot: a group selca photo. :D

TOP L-R: Cee, Sheed
BOTTOM L-R: Aly, Gin and Gail

See? We went all out shironuri that day! We painted our face white and imitated the fashion and style of the Geisha of Japan.

It was our first try on painting our entire face white (except for Aly) so we had a few problems along the way but at least we got through it all. I helped with everybody's makeup especially the eye detailing. We ran out of time to do a full kabuki-inspired makeup so we opted for the exaggerated geisha makeup.

We all wore kimono outfits in our own style instead of following the traditional way of wearing a kimono/yukata. We wanted to add a little 'us' on our outfit to make it more personal. I think each of our getup reflects each of our personality.

It was a fun afternoon to have a photoshoot and it was held in a resort far away from our town.

I will be posting a lot more of this shoot soon. So please do wait for it!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Quick Post: Back for Good!

Hey guys! I've been out for a few weeks due to our unstable Internet connection. After a lengthy phone call to the Internet provider's customer service representative, they sent out repairmen to work out our problem.

And now I am back in the game!

Anyway, this is just a short post about my new obsession:
I started a new hobby which is doll collecting. I have been browsing on the world wide web for a couple of years now for articulated dolls that are very famous in Asia. 

Fashion doll Pullip is famous for their articulated body and large head. One of its best features is its un-rooted hair - it wears a wig that you can remove and change, a feature that appeals me as a cosplayer. This and the fact that the owner can change it's eyes give me the chance to make my doll 'cosplay' or dress her up as an anime character. 

I just recently acquired her and currently I am in the process of learning how to sew costumes for her shoots and cosplays. The photo above is from her first and latest photo shoot in our front yard. I used my 50mm prime lens and a reflector. I have received favorable comments on this shot which gives me the urge to make more costumes for her. 

More photos soon! I shall sort this set out after editing my last fashion shoot with HaruSuika: Shironuri Fashion. Will be posting a teaser here soon.

<3 For more frequent updates, you can follow my Facebook account: click here

Thank you so much for hanging on!

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