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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Video Blogging Test

Video blogging returns!
Got the guts to actually film another video blog for my YouTube channel.
I hope I can keep this up every week, maybe? Ack!

It's not really an actual video blog. It's more on testing my equipment and area during the filming for future reference.
I promise I will improve so I need your constructive comments on this.

I will be using my DSLR camera during the next filming of my VLog. I hope to get better results for using it.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Introducing my Pullip: Duchess Celine

My first Pullip doll I adopted from a friend. Her name is Duchess Celine. She reminds me of the short story I wrote when I was in high school. I will blog about that story soon so that my baby will finally have a back story.

For now, here are the photos taken during her first photo shoot. I made her the dress and headband. Still need to practice~

I am now making new clothes for her. I am also planning to buy for stuff for her too! Furniture, wig and maybe a boyfriend Taeyang doll! Wee!! I am so happy I entered the doll-collecting hobby. It's so much fun to use dolls as photography subject!~ :)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

FAQ: Wig brand I prefer for long-haired characters

So I got a message via Facebook. A cosplayer asking me which cosplay wig brand should she get for a long-haired character that she was going to cosplay. The following is our conversation:
(The italicized phrases are in Filipino as I lapsed a bit when I answered the question. No matter, I have already translated it in English)

Facebook User: "hello. ate ano ang brand ng wig (long) ang mai-rerecommend mong gamitin? balak ko kasi bumili pero hindi ko alam kung anong brand. thanks"
(Hello. What wig brand (long) do you recommend? I am planning to buy one but I don't know which brand to get. Thanks.)

Cee: are you on a tight budget,dear? or can you spend a bit for a quality wig?

Facebook User: "quality wigs po gusto ko" (I want quality wigs)

Cee: I suggest lucaille dear. It does not easily tangle plus it's really durable. I have a lucaille here na 3 years na (and it's already 3 years old), good condition pa rin ang strands (The strands are still in good condition). It's a bit rough lang pero (but) it didn't really disturb me in anyway. Rough compared to Purple Wings. Reasonable ang price nya (The price is reasonable). So ok talaga kung intention mong i-keep ito. (So it's a good wig if you intend to keep it)

Makapal ang purple wings (Purple Wings brand is thick), mabigat sya pero (It's a bit heavy but) after using my wig yesterday, ang dali nya magangle (it does tangle easily). Pero wala naman akong napansin na paglalagas ng fibers (But I didn't notice any shedding of fibers). The fibers are really smooth.  reasonable ang price din nya (The price is reasonable too).

Basta in wearing wigs for an event or shoot, avoid combing it. Ok lang ung finger comb para maayos pero wag ung total comb para iwas ang paglagas (Finger combing it is fine to fix the wig a bit but don't comb it to avoid further shedding). Do it after the event.

Tips in taking care of your wig: 
Store it tangle free. Do not just leave it in the pack tangled.
Return it to its original ziplock in storing it.
Avoid displaying it for a long time, this may make the strands crispy and fragile.
If you aren't going to use it for a long time, you can braid long wigs before storing it to avoid unnecessary tangles while it's in its pack.

 good luck

Facebook User: thanks a lot

Anyway, my facebook page reached 4000 likes~ Thank you so much for the overwhelming support~! I will try to update the page and this blog as much as possible with cosplay tips, reviews and tutorials. <3

Monday, 1 September 2014

EVENT: Nihon Fure Ai Kai #CosCom 2014 - Cosplay Judge

Hey hey hey guys!

I was invited to judge a cosplay event again but this time for my old college club's cosplay contest. 

The Nihon Fure Ai Kai organized a competition during the College of Nursing Cup that was open to all WMSU students! It was spearheaded by their president Ivy with the members of the club and volunteers from different colleges. The contest was a blast and the participants gave their best during their skits. The event was held in the College of Nursing building in WMSU Zamboanga City last August 30, 2014.

The contestants with the judges of the contest.

I was contacted by my kouhai Ivy, the club's president, to judge the competition. Of course I was honored by the invitation! This is actually my third time judging a cosplay contest and my favorite part in doing it is seeing the cosplayers' effort in portraying the character they love. The facial expression, their actions and how they bring the character are some of the things I look for in a winner. And I am happy to say that I see these qualities in almost all the cosplayers who joined the contests that I judged.

Anyway, before we go to the details of what happened to the contest, let me first talk about my character that day! ^_^

I went as Lala Satalin Deviluke of To Love Ru - an alien princess who visited Earth and fell in love with a human. I really love Lala's bubbly personality and her cute expressions - these reasons are what pushed me to cosplay her during the event. I would never go out of character with her! She's all smiles!

Plus the event was held in a school so I thought it was appropriate to cosplay a character in her seifuku version. ^_^
Cee as Lala Satalin Deviluke from To Love Ru

Cosplay plan fulfilled! This was well-received that day. People commented on how cute I was as Lala. Maybe I'll cosplay her default/battle dress mode next time. I think it's fun cosplaying a character that's lively and always happy. <3

Anyway, here's the cosplay event caught on my video camera. I was not able to bring my DSLR so I just took videos of the skits during the cosplay contest using my old point-and-shoot camera.

Best view at 480p
Click on the gear and choose 480p on the option 'Quality'

I judged the event together with cosplayer Veronica and Nihon Fure Ai Kai representative Sherm:
L-R: Veronica, Cee and Sherm
Photo by Sheed

After a few performances by different dancers and the judges, the winners were announced! 
Congratulations to the contestants and the winners!
Photo from Erica's FB account.
#CosCon First Place Winner
The contest was small with four participanting cosplayers but still everybody gave their best performances! First place went to Kent Navarro as Konoha of Mekaku City Actors. His performance was breathtaking and it garnered him a lot of fan girls!

After the event was the photo opportunity for both the cosplayers and the audience. Because I was not able to bring a camera for the photo op, I gave out coscards to those who took photos of me. I actually ran out of them at the end of the day! :) 

Yours truly with the First Place Winner Kenta!
Photos by Sheed

Kenta and yours truly with the president of Nihon Fure Ai Kai.
Thank you so much for inviting me!
Photo by Sheed
I met a lot of new cosplayers and friends that day. I discovered that there are a lot of club volunteers from different colleges this year. Kudos to the members of Nihon Fure Ai Kai for hosting a successful cosplay event in the campus.

To the Nihon Fure Ai Kai officers and members - I can't thank you enough!
Thank you again for accommodating and inviting me to the event. I surely missed cosplaying in school and you guys made it happen again!
I love you guys and see you all very soon.
Congratulations to the winners and I wish this will be a yearly event for the club. More power!

Here are some photos I grabbed from their accounts. Thank you so much for letting me grab these shots!

Photos from Liz Bunny

Photos from the Nihon Fure Ai Kai Official FB Account

From Erica

From Bea and Mark

Will upload more grabbed photos on my Facebook Page:

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