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Sunday, 14 September 2014

FAQ: Wig brand I prefer for long-haired characters

So I got a message via Facebook. A cosplayer asking me which cosplay wig brand should she get for a long-haired character that she was going to cosplay. The following is our conversation:
(The italicized phrases are in Filipino as I lapsed a bit when I answered the question. No matter, I have already translated it in English)

Facebook User: "hello. ate ano ang brand ng wig (long) ang mai-rerecommend mong gamitin? balak ko kasi bumili pero hindi ko alam kung anong brand. thanks"
(Hello. What wig brand (long) do you recommend? I am planning to buy one but I don't know which brand to get. Thanks.)

Cee: are you on a tight budget,dear? or can you spend a bit for a quality wig?

Facebook User: "quality wigs po gusto ko" (I want quality wigs)

Cee: I suggest lucaille dear. It does not easily tangle plus it's really durable. I have a lucaille here na 3 years na (and it's already 3 years old), good condition pa rin ang strands (The strands are still in good condition). It's a bit rough lang pero (but) it didn't really disturb me in anyway. Rough compared to Purple Wings. Reasonable ang price nya (The price is reasonable). So ok talaga kung intention mong i-keep ito. (So it's a good wig if you intend to keep it)

Makapal ang purple wings (Purple Wings brand is thick), mabigat sya pero (It's a bit heavy but) after using my wig yesterday, ang dali nya magangle (it does tangle easily). Pero wala naman akong napansin na paglalagas ng fibers (But I didn't notice any shedding of fibers). The fibers are really smooth.  reasonable ang price din nya (The price is reasonable too).

Basta in wearing wigs for an event or shoot, avoid combing it. Ok lang ung finger comb para maayos pero wag ung total comb para iwas ang paglagas (Finger combing it is fine to fix the wig a bit but don't comb it to avoid further shedding). Do it after the event.

Tips in taking care of your wig: 
Store it tangle free. Do not just leave it in the pack tangled.
Return it to its original ziplock in storing it.
Avoid displaying it for a long time, this may make the strands crispy and fragile.
If you aren't going to use it for a long time, you can braid long wigs before storing it to avoid unnecessary tangles while it's in its pack.

 good luck

Facebook User: thanks a lot

Anyway, my facebook page reached 4000 likes~ Thank you so much for the overwhelming support~! I will try to update the page and this blog as much as possible with cosplay tips, reviews and tutorials. <3

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