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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Shopping out of town + Hatah Hatah Shop Feature

When I go on vacation out of town, I really make sure that I get to shop in one of the malls of that particular city. Here in my place, Zamboanga City, we don't have big malls with several famous shops. Heck, we only have one Otaku store that sells a limited variety of anime goodies. That's the reason why I go gaga over mall shopping and I really can't miss visiting even a small mall to buy the things I usually can't find locally.

The 3 types of shop that I always visit are:
  1. Otaku/Anime/Cosplay shop
  2. Makeup store   
  3. Bookstore
Usually, while visiting these shops, I splurge a lot on things that I want and need. And well, spending a lot does not make me feel guilty as I rarely do this. I usually save up enough money before going on vacation so that I can buy those things I've been looking for.

One example is my vacation last week. I accompanied my mom to her business trip to Cagayan de Oro City and I lived with my cousins there. I really love visiting the city because of it's simplicity, it's wide variety of shopping malls and it's cheap public transportation fees.

So after hanging out with my aunt and cousin, they took me to the mall to do some quick shopping. And I bought a few things with my hard-earned money from selling floral accessories over at Fabric Flowers By Cee.

Makeup Haul
I think i bought too many lippies. Don't you think? :)
What I love about visiting Watsons is the helpful staff that mans almost every makeup stand in the store. They are really friendly and helpful when I visit the shop and they almost always interact to their customers about the makeup products that are available. They aren't one of those annoying kind of sales staff - the ones that watch you like a hawk when you browse each product.
(I rarely encounter friendly staff in the local stores here in Zamboanga City and when I sometimes browse products from department stores, the staff almost always watch you like a vulture... ready to attack once you pick an item. I don't like that at all!)

I got amused by the black lipstick available. I think this would be a perfect product for a Halloween Party makeup! :) I bought a couple of lip balms for my girlfriends. And I found a matte pink lipstick for everyday use. I will definitely make an in-depth video blog on these products!
Plus - I found this leg makeup from Nichido. Perfect for your imperfect legs! (I tend to cosplay characters in sailor fuku and I admit I have imperfect legs. I hope this will cover those leg scars and uneven skin tone.)

Otaku Goodies!
Whoopsie~! I wasn't able to notice that my feet got into the frame. Ignore them! LOL
I can't really miss visiting an otaku shop whenever I am shopping at Centrio Ayala. So I visited Comic Alley!
After being recently addicted to FREE!, I bought my very own Iwatobi High School Swim Club jacket! This will make me feel like I belong to the swim team. LOL
Then even tho I don't really need one, I wasn't able to resist buying the Arabian FREE! mouse pad.
I got a bit disappointed when I discovered that they only have about three merchs of Dangan Ronpa The Animation. *sob* One was a Monokuma bear (I have that already). The other was a Monokuma cosplay hoodie (I am planning to cosplay Junko, not Monokuma! LOL). So I ended up buying the Principal's Office key for that I decided to give to a friend. I hope this friend likes it! :)

Iwatobi High School Swim Club Member Jacket

Because of the time constraints, I wasn't able to visit National Bookstore for a book or two. Sigh. Maybe that's the reason why I had a dream of shopping for books last night! LOL. The books are haunting me!

Extra! Extra! Extra!
Before I got out of town last week, I ordered a couple of shirts from my favorite hat shop 
What I ordered? No surprise here: Iwatobi Swim Club's Secret Shirt!

Forgive the crumpled shirt. I just took it out from the courier's receptacle. ^_^
Why is it called the 'secret shirt'? Well, you have to watch the first season to know the answer! LOL
Anyway, I contacted Jayne of Hatah Hatah to order shirts for me and for a friend and she replied immediately and the transaction went smoothly. She even gave me a big discount! Such a wonderful person! The shirts I got are really good in quality and it fits nicely. I am so happy of my purchase and for sure I will be ordering again from them in the future! 5/5 shopping experience!

Iwatobi HSSC's secret shirt :)

I admit that I don't really shop frequently... but when I do, I tend to spend a lot! LOL. I always shop when I go on out of town vacations and I usually buy stuff that aren't found in the local stores. The other thing that I love about shopping out of town is the fact that the customer service is better than most of the shops here in the city. The sales staff are very nice when it comes to helping customers and they are attentive to the needs of those people who visit their establishments. It may not be always perfect but it's much better. I hope customer service of the malls here in Zambo will slowly improve in the future.

What do you love to buy when you go out of town? Comment down your answers!

I never thought this post will be this long! LOL Thank you for reading!


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