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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Shironuri Teaser

Hey guys!! So after almost a month of hiatus, I get to blog again.

Time flies so fast! November started with a lot of Kanzashi orders for me. I had to finish them first before doing anything. Well, during break times, I chill out by playing a new addictive game (for me!), DotA 2!

So November went by with Kanzashi orders and playing DotA2. And reading a novel in between. LOL. It's kind of a new routine for me (before, I was an eat-net-sleep girl).
I do hope I get the chance to balance work and pleasure anytime soon. I don't want to leave this blog behind!

Anyway, I got the chance to finally start editing our Shironuri Shoot photos from July. We got together and painted our faces white for a photo session and we had a lot of fun! (We had a lot of outtakes and very few serious photos. OH NO!)

Luckily, the serious ones are pretty decent and required minimal post processing. This shironuri makeup was a bit tricky because it was our first time to use face paint and makeup together.

Here's a teaser photo taken by yours truly.

White face by Alyssa | Finishing Makeup and photo by Cee | Model: Gin

This shoot truly brought out our artistic and resourcefulness traits: we got to create our own Geisha makeup based on the personality we wanted to portray and make-do with the kimono and accessories that we had at that time (We didn't have 4 complete sets of Kimono for each of us that day, but still we were able to dress up fine!).

You guys have to watch out for the set soon. This is the craziest HaruSuika shoot yet. I hope we get to work on a different type of Japanese fashion in the future! ^_^

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