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Friday, 5 December 2014

AtFest 2014 - Ateneo Cosplay Teaser

Oh yes! I was part of the recent AtFest 2014 cosplay event!
December 2, 2014 was Anime Fiesta AdZU and yours truly went as Soah of the Bride of the Water God.

Soah was one of my long-time cosplay plan and I finally portrayed her during the cosplay catwalk. It was a fun experience acting as the pretty Soah, the young sacrifice to the Water God,

Soah was a young girl who was sacrificed by her villagers to the Water God in exchange for rain. Her adventures started as soon as she was transported to the realm of the gods. There she discovered that the Water God was different than what she expected.

My cosplay was well received and I was even featured in the AdZU website and YouTube channel! What an honor.

L-R: Cee, Kiszel, Marjorie and Reji
Thank you so much to the Ateneo Staff for organizing the event. It was nice to cosplay as Soah during the Ateneo Fiesta. The crowd participated actively and they cheered while we cosplayers acted out our characters.

Cee as Soah @ 1:09

I hope there will be another cosplay event next year.. and the next until this will be a yearly thing for the Ateneo Fiesta. It is a nice addition to the list of events to watch out for during the annual Alumni Homecoming Week.

Thank you again and more power, Ateneo de Zamboanga University!

(watch out for my full report soon! thank you for reading,)

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