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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

B&W Photowalk with ZCCI Members

I was recently invited to join a local photography group namely Zamboanga Camera Club International by one of the top photographers of the city. The group conducts weekly activities to get together and improve each member's shooting skills. I was happy to join one session with the theme/assignment Black and White Photography.

We convened at the Cawa-Cawa Boulevard and started shooting there. I brought my prime lens for the activity and took photos of kids mostly. They had fun posing in front of the camera. :)

I talked to these kids while taking photos and they actually asked if they had to pay for me to take the shots. How amusing.

Taking photos of genuine smiles was one of my goals upon taking photography as a hobby. It's nice to just take photos of people laughing or smiling for a good reason. 

I'm looking forward to other ZCCI activities. I truly enjoyed this one. :)

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