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Thursday, 29 January 2015



Please forgive me for all the confusion that I have caused you. 

The following are my new contact details for the shop:


And you can now pay for your orders via BPI Savings Account Deposit! heart emoticon Just fill up the order form and the details will be given to you after.

(Please disregard all other e-mail addresses and contact numbers used previously by the page. I needed to change to both my contact number and e-mail address due to personal reasons. Rest assured I will avoid future changes on the contact details as much as possible.)

Thank you so much for the support and may God bless you! 

Monday, 26 January 2015

MORE UPDATES: Mindpro's Cosplay Event: " AniCon"

Disregard the date on the poster; Event has been moved to MARCH 1
Have you read about the latest on the Mindpro Cosplay Event?

They named it AniCon for Anime Converge and just this afternoon the organizers moved the event to March 1, without stating their reasons.

For interested cosplayers who want to compete during the event, click on the link below:

I am planning to make a video blog that day; I will interview cosplayers present during the event. Watch out for that!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

REVIEW: SampleRoom.com Colour Collection HD Lipstick (Pink Berry)

Hey lovies! So I would like to share my first lipstick review that I got last week.

The Colour Collection HD Lipstick was a free sample that I got from Sample Room.
"Sample Room is a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is an online community that changes your beauty-shopping pattern; and an interactive community where your opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued."
-- Sample Room About 

The lipstick was in bubble wrap, placed inside a brown paper bag bearing the logo's name, line and website.

So after choosing a product from their catalog, I paid for the shipping and waited for the arrival. I got it and tried it for a few days to be able to write a good review.

Colour Collection HD Lipstick (Pink Berry)
The Sample Room had specific guidelines on how to review their products, which was actually good for first time users like me. I was able to construct a proper review after following the simple but precise guidelines listed by the website.

Photo of the lipstick with flash.
Product details:

Indulge in high definition make up!
A 3-in-1 lip color: decadent color, lip plumping and unforgettable shine.
Radiant color shine projected in hi-definition.
Moisture rich for comfortable feel.
A serum infused formula hydrates lips on every application.
Definition improves, day after day for youthful, beautiful lips.
Full Size: 4g
Price: PHP 399
Sample Size: 1 pc. 4g (full-sized)
Without flash, window light.
I am a big fan of matte lipstick, especially in pink shade because I love wearing pink lipstick everyday but I tend to avoid bright, light pink shade because I feel that this does not suit my skin tone.

Natural Light
With flash

So after trying it on for a few days, I was able to write short review of the product as seen on Sample Room's website.

Photos of me wearing the lipstick:

Comparison of no lipstick upper lip and with lipstick lower lip.
Full lips with Colour Collection HD Lipstick in Pink Berry
Overall, I can say that I had a very nice experience with my first Sample Room product. It was very easy getting the sample, paying for the shipping and reviewing the product. Sample Room had specific guidelines in writing a product review, which was very helpful for newbies like me. I was lucky I got a good product compatible to my skin.

Colour Collection HD Lipstick in Pink Berry is a good product. It was my first time to encounter this brand of makeup but it was not a disappointment on my part. I would love to try other products offered by this brand, especially other colors by this line of lipsticks.

Thank you for reading my post and stay tuned for my next makeup review!

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

ZCCI Open Cosplay Shoot: Junko Enoshima Cosplay Teaser

Cee as Junko Enoshima from DanganRonpa
Photo by Alvin AD Photography

I was able to test run my Junko cosplay during the Open Cosplay Shoot hosted by Zamboanga Camera Club InternationalInstead of going as a photographer (because I am currently a club member), I went as a cosplayer because my camera was under repair that time.

Because of this cosplay, I was able to find ways to revive my old chipping-off leatherette boots. I was able to save big because of this! I will share that method later in this blog. It will greatly help handy cosplayers out there who want to make the most out of an item (and those who want to save too!)

Anyway, I will release the Junko photo set on this blog soon. Got lots of photo sets to talk about here!

Thank you so much for following my blog to 2015~ 
Hugs and Kisses

Short updates:

My first SampleRoom product. Will review this lipstick here after a few days of trying it.
Just received my first SampleRoom.ph product. Can't wait to try it on!
My Facebook Page reached 5000 likes today. Yay!
Cee Cosplay Page

ZAMBOANGA COSPLAY EVENT UPDATE: Confirmed details released?

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

ZAMBOANGA COSPLAY EVENT UPDATE: Confirmed details released?

Cee as Soah
ATFEST COSPLAY: The last cosplay event I joined
Photo from the ADZU Website
I used this as a header since they haven't release any event poster yet.

According to Ms. Banagudos, the following are confirmed details of the upcoming cosplay event to be hosted by Mindpro Citimall, a local mall in Zamboanga. I have sent a private message to the mall's Facebook account to confirm the said post. Maybe I'll ask the mall's concierge as well for any further details of this cosplay event.

Announcement was made on Ms. Banagudos' Facebook Account
So are you planning to attend the event in cosplay? Who are you planning to go as? Any special preparation for the competition? Talk about it on the comment box!

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Wig Care: Washing your wigs the right way

Have you been wearing your wig but never washed it ever since you bought it? Well, after reading a few forum threads (and experiencing it first hand), I have learned that you have to wash your wig after 3-4 uses, or if you feel like it needs washing based from its smell and condition of the fibers. There are a few reasons why you have to do this. Let me list the important ones:

  • Washing your wig removes the sweat smell that gets stuck on your wig's base net.
  • Washing it with the right method will make it easier to remove the tangles after it dries off.
  • Washing your wig and removing the tangles before storing it for a long time prevents it to become frizzy and brittle.
  • Wig-washing is the perfect opportunity to wash your wig caps, and the formula to wash the smell off the wig is the same for the wig caps.
  • Because it's just hygienic to wash something after wearing it numerous times. :D
So, are you convinced that you need to wash your wig but don't know how to do it? Well then, here is a simple method on how to wash them all together.

First, you need the following materials:

  • A basin half full of water
  • Fabric Conditioner (I chose a fragrant one so that my wig will smell nice. For those of you who can't handle fragrant FabCons, you can use the non fragrant ones available on the market)
  • And the wig you want to wash.
For the 25mL fabcon sachet that I used, I was able to wash 5 wigs plus wig caps
Flip your wigs inside out, with the wig base showing outside so that it will be soaked on the fabcon solution better. This is usually where the sweaty smell comes from after wearing your wigs for a long period of time, each time you cosplay.

For a 25mL FabCon sachet, I used a big basin half full of water.

After pouring everything, mix the solution by stirring it with your hand.
If you are planning to wash more wigs (or less) adjust the FabCon/water ratio. You might want to ask your mom or the laundry lady for advice on this one.

Place all of your wigs on the basin with the fabcon solution. Make sure everything is submerged properly.

Leave the wigs on the solution for 30 mins to 1 hour.

Then remove the wig from the solution and set it aside for a moment so that you can focus on washing the wig cap.

Using the leftover FabCon solution, hand-wash your wig caps for a few times. Rinse afterwards.

After washing your wig caps, hang it to dry together with the wig using a hanger-clothespin. Something like this would be good.

It's recommended to air dry your wig instead of leaving it out of the sun or blow drying it. 

It will take about 1-2 days to completely dry off. better to be patient than to be rash and blow dry your precious wigs to crisp.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not comb your wig while it's still wet! It will shed more than expected if you do this.

After drying off everything, your wigs will look like this.

After washing your wig using this method, you can now de-tangle each wig using this tutorial that I did posted before.

Store your wigs on their respective ziplock bags for storage.

Taking good care of your wigs will lengthen their 'lifespan', which is good if you're planning to wear them as many times as you want. This tutorial is a good guide on how to take care of Kanekalon Fiber wigs for cosplayers and wig users out there. You can use this guide for other types of wigs, like the Class A/B and human hair wigs, with extra precautions since these types are more delicate than the Japanese Kanekalon.

I hope this method will work great with your wig! 
Comment down below if you want  to see more cosplay guides and tutorials on this site.

Thank you for reading and watch out for my next post~!

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Saturday, 3 January 2015

An Upcoming Cosplay Competition in Zamboanga City?

There has been a speculation of an upcoming cosplay contest/event that will be hosted by a mall here in Zamboanga. Only rough details were released by a local cosplayer, including the location of the event in the mall and the possible registration fee for the competition (350PHP- Edit: They already lowered the fee to 250php, no free food for the participants, and they are not sure if freebies will be given after the event.). A bit pricey if you ask me but hey, maybe it included food and freebies, right? 

Cee's last cosplay event. Photo from ADZU FB
I still don't know if I will join the contest or just watch the event. I will be waiting for more details about the event before deciding.
But one thing's for sure, I will definitely go in cosplay!

Do you have any news about this event? Comment down or email me at yourstrulyCee[at]ovi[dot]com so that I can write about it here.

Thank you! Go Zamboanga Cosplay~!

Ask me Questions!

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Friday, 2 January 2015

Sailor Moon - Neo Queen Serenity Cosplay Teaser

Photo by Tommy Bans of Tomort Production
Hey guys! Watch out for my Neo Queen Serenity cosplay by yours truly, photographed by Mr. Tommy Bans of Tomort Production and Jann Chiong.

My 'most popular character' cosplayed yet? :)
Every other kid in my generation knows Sailor Moon and her signature bun hairstyle.
I did plan on cosplaying Usagi's default suit but during the planning of this Sailor Moon Cosplay Group shoot, somebody got dibs on that version, so I opted to go as Serenity. And it turned out much better (and more affordable) in the end.

The photos turned out really nice! Despite the fitting costume and the small wig, I think I rocked this cosplay that day. The photographers were really helpful in capturing my best angles on camera. I admit that I don't have the perfect face and body but the final set turned out really well, and it greatly added to my self-confidence as a cosplayer. ^_^

This set is included in my 2015 cosplay remake. I hope I can improve it more. I already started on ba better Usagi wig, one that has a bigger wig cap size. I hope it will fit my head fine! 

Thank you so much for reading my first post of 2015
Happy New Year!

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