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Friday, 2 January 2015

Sailor Moon - Neo Queen Serenity Cosplay Teaser

Photo by Tommy Bans of Tomort Production
Hey guys! Watch out for my Neo Queen Serenity cosplay by yours truly, photographed by Mr. Tommy Bans of Tomort Production and Jann Chiong.

My 'most popular character' cosplayed yet? :)
Every other kid in my generation knows Sailor Moon and her signature bun hairstyle.
I did plan on cosplaying Usagi's default suit but during the planning of this Sailor Moon Cosplay Group shoot, somebody got dibs on that version, so I opted to go as Serenity. And it turned out much better (and more affordable) in the end.

The photos turned out really nice! Despite the fitting costume and the small wig, I think I rocked this cosplay that day. The photographers were really helpful in capturing my best angles on camera. I admit that I don't have the perfect face and body but the final set turned out really well, and it greatly added to my self-confidence as a cosplayer. ^_^

This set is included in my 2015 cosplay remake. I hope I can improve it more. I already started on ba better Usagi wig, one that has a bigger wig cap size. I hope it will fit my head fine! 

Thank you so much for reading my first post of 2015
Happy New Year!

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