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Saturday, 7 February 2015

How to find your shared URL post (GIVEAWAY MECHANIC)

Giveaways are a way to invite more readers to ones blog. I host them from time to time so as a preparation for my upcoming giveaway, I want to show you how to complete a common mechanic found on most giveaways: 

"Share this post/photo and paste the URL of the shared post."


This post will be a reference for future giveaways I will host (and for bloggers out there who requires this mechanic on their blog). Most of the time, one mechanic in joining my giveaways is to share a photo or post on facebook PUBLICLY and paste the URL on the required field to claim the raffle point. 
Here are simple steps on how to do it.

After sharing the photo or post of the ongoing giveaway PUBLICLY, go to your timeline and look for that post you shared.

Click on the time or date found on the post. This will direct you to the web page of that post as pictured below:

Copy the URL found on the address box of your browser (this is what they call the PERMALINK of your shared post) and paste it on the Giveaway app you are joining to earn the points for that mechanic:

or on the comment box of that giveaway photo on facebook (if it's required as a mechanic.)
Just make sure your shared post is on public mode so that the I can can confirm your raffle point at the end of the giveaway.

That's it! I hope this post is clear enough for you guys. :D
Good luck on joining online giveaways!

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