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Friday, 6 February 2015

MAKEUP: My usual makeup base products

New in cosplay? Can't figure out makeup?
Now let me enlighten you with my makeup style!

I am not claiming that I am the best. makeup artist in town. I am just sharing my makeup base routine every time I prepare for a cosplay gig. A lot of people have asked me about this so I have decided to write a short post about it.
This is not a tutorial. If you don't know how to apply makeup, makeup base etc... Visit youtube for simple video tutorials.

Comparison between my cosplay makeup from the first convention I attended to last year's PB shoot.

So first, let me list the products I apply for my base. I have watched numerous youtube tutorial videos and read a lot of makeup blogs before constructing my base combination. I have been using this method for quite some time and I think it is safe to say that I have improved a lot compared to the first few times I attempted to wear makeup. And I have received a lot of positive comments on how pretty my makeup was during the last con I attended.

Products that I use for my base:

Regardless of Makeup Brand:
To protect my face from the long term effects of applying makeup.
Face Primer
For long-lasting hold.
Eye Concealer
Because I have dark circles under my eyes that don't disappear.
BB Cream + Liquid Foundation
I mix the two. BB Cream to cover up imperfections on my face and Foundation to create a clean canvas for coloring later.
Face Powder
To give that matte finish after the BBCream+Foundation application.
Eyelid Primer
To make my eyeshadow last long.

I won't be talking about brands here since this isn't a product review post. Instead, I am going to discuss the pros and cons of this method that I have observed after using it a lot of times:

A few things I encountered while using this combination

You need a considerable amount of budget if you want to follow my makeup base routine.
You can buy the products one by one. Let your wallet breath in between purchases. :D
Some of these products were bought online. Try browsing ZALORA's makeup section if they have some of these products available.

You need to learn on how to correctly apply these products to be able to get the best results.
Don't worry. Youtube will help you on that. I might write a post about makeup application soon.

It takes a lot of time to apply everything. Sometimes, you need to wait for a few minutes in-between layer application for better coverage.
At first, it will be difficult ti apply all those layers but in time, you will learn how to apply them swiftly but surely.
A few gigs ago, makeup would take about 1-2 hours of my prep time. Nowadays, makeup only takes me less than an hour to apply.

You need to try out a few brands to find the right ones suitable to your skin type, complexion, etc.
My advice is to buy the smallest pack available and try it out first.

What I observed after practicing on how to properly apply these products and trying it out during my cosplay gigs.

Longer lasting makeup.
You won't get scared that your face will run after sweating a lot of times during a lengthy event.

Minimal maintenance is needed.
All you need is is to carefully dab tissue on your sweaty or oily areas, brush a little powder and voila! The makeup stays on your face.

Better canvas for your eyeshadow, contouring and blush-on.
I noticed that I was able to apply the colors well after applying this base routine, compared to applying colors on bare skin.

Good cosplay makeup gives you a confidence boost.
I received favorable comments on my cosplay during my last cosplay event. My mom even commented on how good my makeup was, considering I didn't have any formal workshop on how to apply it. I think it's because of the good base that I applied.

It covers up blemishes and imperfections really well.
I have an imperfect face. I have scars and huge pores too but this routine covers them up and I am so happy about that.

Although for me this is the best routine that I have ever did, I still need to improve it further. I want a stronger, longer lasting base for long events such as a con or a long photo shoot. And there are minor imperfections I want to correct but then, I don't want to just add any other layer to solve my problem. I fear that my face will become all too light compared to my normal complexion!

You can use my makeup base method and modify one or two products to your liking. This can act as a guide for you to create your own layering. I had so much difficulty with makeup the first time I chose cosplay as a hobby so I hope this will help you a lot.

Just don't use this routine for your everyday makeup. Too much layering applied everyday will ruin your skin in time!

Thank you for reading and let me know on the comment box if this worked for you!

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