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Monday, 9 February 2015

REVIEW: SPECTRUM Angel Blue Circle Lens

Circle lenses are optional in cosplaying (in my opinion) but still lots of cosplayers wear a pair when they cosplay to achieve that anime-like large eyes. I personally like wearing circle lenses because I want to accurately cosplay a character - eye color included.

This is a non-sponsored review. I bought this contact lenses with my own money.

So anyway, today I am going to talk about this pair of blue contact lenses that I have come to love every time I wear it.


Spectrum Brand Angel Blue Cosmetic Contact Lens

Lens Details:
Origin: South Korea
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water: 38%
Power: Plano
Life Span: 1 year

I don't want to spend a lot for a pair of lenses that aren't not vivid when worn. Most contact lenses' vividness depends on ones natural eye color. So for cosplayers out there who have dark-colored irises like me, choosing the right pair that will turn out vibrant when worn must be carefully done. I can safely say that most cosplayers don't want to spend lots of money on the wrong pair of lenses. (Cosplayers have other things to spend on too.)

I wasn't able to find previous reviews of this brand so buying this was a gamble. On the other hand, this would make me the first blogger to try this brand on and write a review about it.

Spectrum Angel Blue

What I love about this pair:
I am loving the simple design of this series. It's similar to GEO's Angel series and Crystal's Opal series. Compared to my previous favorite pair of lens, the Crystal lens that I ordered (which I thought was a very vivid pair), the Spectrum Angel Blue is now on my number spot in terms of vibrancy. Despite the fact that I have dark brown eyes (almost black), my eyes turned blue when I wore it. The simple design made it look like blue was my natural eye color. The black ring around the circle lens enlarged my eyes, which was good for my cosplays. (Anime characters tend to have large eyes.)
I didn't feel any discomfort the first time I wore it. I wore it up to 6 hours before feeling the need to remove it.

Contact Lens When Worn under Window Light
Taken with my iPad's front camera

What I dislike about this pair:
It is actually difficult to fish out the lenses from its case. And a bit difficult to put on because of its thinness. (One must be very careful not to tear the lens when putting it on.)
Photo of the contact lenses when worn, with proper makeup and lighting.

Will I purchase another one soon?
Yes, definitely. I am so excited to purchase other colors from this series and brand. I hope they are as vivid as this.

Thank you so much for reading my short review.

Have you tried this Circle Lens brand before? What are your comments about it? Write down your thoughts below on the comment box!

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