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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Cee as Eternal Sailor Moon - with Sailor Soldiers

Hey dear readers! I am very sorry for not updating my blog as frequent as before. I now have a day job from Monday to Friday! YAY! I am now able to pay for my hobby expenses and the rest, thanks to my current job.

The downside is that it takes most of my energy so I end up sleeping the moment I arrive home. It's a difficult job but well, the experience is so much worth it so I sacrificed my blogging a bit while I adjust to my new daily routine.

Anyway, to make up my absence, here is a photo set from my latest cosplay shoot with my friends:

Sailor Moon 2015 Photo Shoot with Zamboanga Cosplayers

Cee as Eternal Sailor Moon
I was the one who organized this successful re-shoot of our Sailor Moon group, this time I participated as Eternal Sailor Moon, Usagi's last Seifuku version together with more Sailor cosplayers.

I had lots of fun dressed up as my favorite childhood hero Sailor Moon or Usagi Tsukino. I was always a big fan of the series ever since I was about three years old.

It was my mom's suggestion that I should cosplay Sailor Moon's Eternal version, with the wings and all. We had a talk about that a few years back but I never knew that I would actually do it with other Sailor Moon cosplayers!

Introducing, Unique Progress Academy!
We were able to secure a permission to shoot at a wonderful, fitting location: Unique Progress Academy Foundation - an elementary school located at J Johnston Street, Baliwasan Zamboanga City.

I never knew Zamboanga had a school like this. It has excellent school facilities and spacious, well furnished class rooms and very nice teachers and administrators (I've met some of them). I think any kid would love to go to this school.

Sailors at the school's library.

Good thing more Sailors appeared this time around. We were about five the first time I organized a Sailor Moon shoot. Also we had lots of assistants who helped us out. I never knew that we would be a lively crowd in a school on a Sunday afternoon!

Eternal Sailor Moon - Cee
Super Sailor Moon - Rani
Sailor Mercury - Mitch
Sailor Mars - Jheoff
Sailor Venus - Kiszel
 Sailor Neptune - Dana
Sailor Saturn - Elrine
Sailor Pluto - Shaina

The photos turned out to be colorful because of our cute costumes. The owners and teachers who were present during the shoot were amused with our different costumes and colorful wigs. I think it was their first time to spectate a cosplay photo shoot.

We utilized almost every part of the building because it was almost perfect for our theme (the place reminds me of Japanese schools frequently featured in anime shows.)

I am very much glad that we got a permission to utilize this school for our photos shoot. The owners were kind to us and even ask for a photo op with them~

Photos with the owner of the school and his daughter. :)
I am very thankful to the nice owners and staff of the school. They were very accommodating during our activity.

I hope we can shoot another school-themed cosplay there soon, maybe DanganRonpa? :)

And, I would like to thank the photographers who were very patient during the entire activity

Mark Ongchua
Jann Chiong
Sheedow Photography

I hope we can organize a third Sailor Moon photo shoot with every Sailor present! We lack about two or three characters to complete the team. *fingers crossed*

Thank you for reading and watch out for my next post!

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

EVENT GUESTING: Zamboanga City KPOP Gathering: Summer Invasion

I just got an invite to be the judge for the KPop Cosplay competition during the Third Zamboanga City KPOP Gathering: Summer Invasion this coming April 9!

I will be rummaging my closet for a proper coord for this event. I hope my look will turn out fine!!

For interested KPop enthusiasts out there, tickets can be purchased from the organizers thru their official Facebook page or by posting on their event RSVP wall:

See you there!

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