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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Random Thoughts: Fearing Monday

Maybe fear is a strong word to use but recently, I feel less enthusiastic in rising up and getting to work. Don't get me wrong. I am happy that I have a job, but maybe I kind of need some motivation to keep on going.

Maybe I need an inspiration to earn. Last time I was motivated to find a job because I wanted to own my own PC. Now that I have one, I am still on the verge of looking for another thing to save up and buy. (I sound like a kid but yeah, the reason I wanna earn is to be able to buy stuff I can't afford when I was unemployed and broke. LOL)

Speaking of my PC, yeah I already own a gaming PC and it's AWESOME~
 Yeah so I kind of need to learn how to maintain, clean it and all. I hope I can handle such a delicate machine. LOL

Anyway, I kind of made a list of the things that I wanna buy/eat - and hopefully this can motivate me to wake up and work hard everyday.

1. FOOD!
A photo posted by VitaminCEE (@yourstrulyceedotcom) on

Hey, who can resist working hard for food? I have been doing this since I got my first job and yeah, thinking of buying food to eat makes me work hard and save up~ lol

A photo posted by VitaminCEE (@yourstrulyceedotcom) on

2. New Gadget
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Maybe I can splurge even a little on gadgets. I am so happy that I was able to get a tablet. I now have an ebook reader and a bigger screen to watch my favorite TV shows like 'Running Man'. Can't get enough of that funny group!

3. Party
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I may not go out every week but then I do, I make sure I can spend without thinking much of the expenses. LOL Trying to be part of the crowd here. :D

4. Travel
A photo posted by VitaminCEE (@yourstrulyceedotcom) on
Going to a new place is such an exciting feeling for me. Exploring famous landmarks, independence and of course, tasting different kinds of cuisine is my kind of an adventure~
A photo posted by VitaminCEE (@yourstrulyceedotcom) on
A photo posted by VitaminCEE (@yourstrulyceedotcom) on

5. Fashion and Cosplay Items
Shopping for makeup and cosplay items will always be my vice. Well, at least I buy what I can afford. I never really go over my budget. (Trying to manage my earnings with my spending.)

Well, that's it~ It's more of a shopping list than an actual 'Things that motivates me LIST' but hey, these makes me happy.

What about you?
What's motivates you in going to school/job? Do you also have a list of what to buy on payday? Are you saving up for the distant future?
Write your thoughts on the comment section below~

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QUICK POST: Daily Skin Care

Thursday, 24 September 2015

QUICK POST: Daily Skin Care

Just a quick and random post from my Instagram account:

Introducing my daily skin care products. I've been using them since I was in college.

A photo posted by VitaminCEE (@yourstrulyceedotcom) on
I have recently bought these to replace my empty bottles of scrub and astringent. I use these after taking a bath in the morning and after washing up in the evening.
What I love about Garnier is that it's not as harsh as other facial scrub and astringent yet it works just as the same. I love the fact that one of it's main ingredient is to whiten and tone your face.

I would like to hear from you! What is your daily skin care product? How often do you use them?
Comment down your thoughts below!

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EVENT: Anime Fiesta ADZU 2014


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

EVENT: Anime Fiesta ADZU 2014

Cee as the Bride of the Water God
 And the event post is here. It's a wee bit late but still, let me present to you..

Anime Fiesta ADZU 2014

Ateneo de Zamboanga is slowly recognizing our small cosplay community and their annual cosplay event proves this so. It started with a cosplay event for a casue and now this anime event which happened during their popular Alumni Homecoming week.

The event was specially documented by a local tv show named VezTV, powered by the ever active SkyCable channel

I have a few seconds of exposure on this video. I tried my best to act like Soah but I was having so much fun that time!

I met my old cosplay friends and got to know new ones too. These are some of my shots with cosplay enthusiasts and fans.

Maika who knows BOTWG well. She's a fan of Soah and Mui!

With friends who accompanied me during the entire event.
Anyway, Anime Fiest AdZU of AFA 2014 was a cosplay contest open to all cosplayers. I joined in because I wanted to cosplay Soah, one of my long time cosplay plan.

It was difficult to construct a cosplay skit for the character since it does not have an anime series (where I can get an idea on how to portray her), so I opted to find some ideas from other Soah cosplayers in YouTube.

I watched a few traditional Chinese and Japanese dances and incorporated a pleasant, somewhat traditional background music.

Too bad I was not able to ask a friend to take a video of my performance. Nevertheless, my friend took a couple of photos of my skit and bits of it was shown in the video above.

I walked around showing my outfit and doing a few poses. I was really nervous back then... my hands were shaking!

Well, I made it through the skit thanks to my friends who believed in me and cheered on! The audience were cheering for me too! I can't believe they liked my cosplay! ^_^

After my cosplay skit ramp, people asked for photos of me. I wasn't really expecting this since I dressed up as an unfamiliar character.

My guess that time was maybe they got attracted to my red brocade costume. It kind of different from the other cosplayers that day.

Photo with friends ^_^
Photos with AdZU peeps, who took a nice photo of me for their school facebook page:

Photo from AdZU Facebook PAge
With a new friend Rena, a reader of my blog.
More photos with friends:

And lastly, the closing of the program with the winners announced and freebies given away:

Taken when one of the VezTV staff asked us to mention a few Japanese words.
To all those who cheered on while I was doing my performance, thank you so much for the support! Your kind words and compliments will be my motivation to do even better next time.

I definitely need to improve my Soah makeup next time and maybe mind my flowing gown while I am walking around. I don't want it to be ruined because of my carelessness.

I wish I will have another chance to cosplay Soah again! Maybe I'll find time for a cosplay shoot, preferably on a river and I hope with a Mui cosplayer! 

Thank you so so much for reading and watch out for my next post!

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UPCOMING EVENT: Nihon Fure Ai Kai Cosplay Competition

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

UPCOMING EVENT: Nihon Fure Ai Kai Cosplay Competition

Photo from Avanna Cosplay

This year, the Nihon Fure Ai Kai CosCon will take a bigger area - the event that's beginning to be an annual cosplay contest will be held at the WMSU Open Stage this coming Sept 9, 2015, as part of the activities lined up for the WMSU Palaro 2015.

General details are listed below:

NOTE:  Contest is on Sept 9, instead on Sept 7.

So, are you ready to dress up and compete for first place? Contact the digits listed on the poster above to register! They are still accepting contestants til tomorrow.

Cosplay judges of last year's #CosCon.
L-R: Cee, Sherm, Veronica

By the way, I will be attending the event as Esdeath of Akame Ga Kill together with my friend, Sherm as Mein. See you there!

If you don't mind...
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