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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Random Thoughts: Fearing Monday

Maybe fear is a strong word to use but recently, I feel less enthusiastic in rising up and getting to work. Don't get me wrong. I am happy that I have a job, but maybe I kind of need some motivation to keep on going.

Maybe I need an inspiration to earn. Last time I was motivated to find a job because I wanted to own my own PC. Now that I have one, I am still on the verge of looking for another thing to save up and buy. (I sound like a kid but yeah, the reason I wanna earn is to be able to buy stuff I can't afford when I was unemployed and broke. LOL)

Speaking of my PC, yeah I already own a gaming PC and it's AWESOME~
 Yeah so I kind of need to learn how to maintain, clean it and all. I hope I can handle such a delicate machine. LOL

Anyway, I kind of made a list of the things that I wanna buy/eat - and hopefully this can motivate me to wake up and work hard everyday.

1. FOOD!
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Hey, who can resist working hard for food? I have been doing this since I got my first job and yeah, thinking of buying food to eat makes me work hard and save up~ lol

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2. New Gadget
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Maybe I can splurge even a little on gadgets. I am so happy that I was able to get a tablet. I now have an ebook reader and a bigger screen to watch my favorite TV shows like 'Running Man'. Can't get enough of that funny group!

3. Party
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I may not go out every week but then I do, I make sure I can spend without thinking much of the expenses. LOL Trying to be part of the crowd here. :D

4. Travel
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Going to a new place is such an exciting feeling for me. Exploring famous landmarks, independence and of course, tasting different kinds of cuisine is my kind of an adventure~
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A photo posted by VitaminCEE (@yourstrulyceedotcom) on

5. Fashion and Cosplay Items
Shopping for makeup and cosplay items will always be my vice. Well, at least I buy what I can afford. I never really go over my budget. (Trying to manage my earnings with my spending.)

Well, that's it~ It's more of a shopping list than an actual 'Things that motivates me LIST' but hey, these makes me happy.

What about you?
What's motivates you in going to school/job? Do you also have a list of what to buy on payday? Are you saving up for the distant future?
Write your thoughts on the comment section below~

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  1. we're in the same boat. haha I was motivated to find a job so I could buy nendoroids and such haha but now I can afford them, i feel less enthusiastic lately too haha recently I just finished this awesome anime, owari no seraph and i find this character yuu hyakuya awesome and inspiring xD now it gave me the motivation again to save up for this cosplan ...for now lol. I quitted cosplay about a year ago tho so I wll prolly do this just this once.. xD

    1. High five there!! am still on the lookout for inspiration and motivation..>_<


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