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Monday, 26 October 2015

REVIEW - Vanilla Eyes Contact Lens Maple Aqua Blue

Hey guys! So I found another brand of contact lenses which I absolutely came to love every time I use it for my cosplays.


DIA: 15.0
Manufactured: 2013/02
Shelf Life: 2018/02

Before we begin...
This is a non-sponsored review. I bought this contact lenses with my own money.

Anyway, I had a favorite pair of blue contact lenses which was Spectrum Angel Blue. By the time my pair expired, my supplier related was out of stock when I wanted to purchase so I opted to try a new brand which was in promo that time. (Buy 2 for a low price plus free shipping!)

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I love the packaging of Vanilla Eyes. It came with a box that securely fits the vials which is actually good when the lenses are in transit. The design was very eye-catchy and the vials were well labeled. It came with a user manual which contains the dos and dont's when handling circle lenses.

The Maple series has this two-tone design that gives you the effect of having real colored eyes.
The lenses are actually in 15mm size but the design is only at actual iris size so no enlargement effect is seen when it is worn.

Still, the total two-tone effect is really what makes me like about this pair. Even with my natural dark brown eyes, the color is still vivid when worn.

The lenses are light on the eyes and discomfort after long-time use is minimal. 

Comparison photo posted below:

In conlcusion...

Positive points:
Two-tone design makes it look like the color of lenses is your natural eye color.
Color still vivid even when worn on dark-colored eyes.
Minimal discomfort when worn for a few hours.
Visible even on low light conditions.

Negative points:
No enlargement visible when worn.
Difficult to put on.

Positive points on the seller:
Great packaging, sent with manual and awesome promo!

Will I purchase another one soon?
DEFINITELY! I would like to try the Maple grey. And if they will host another promo, there's a chance that I might buy more than 2 pairs of lenses! 

Thank you for reading and good night!

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