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Sunday, 21 August 2016


Hello guys~!
Yours truly will be judging the WMSU Nihon Fure Ai Kai CosCom once again, and this time the event is open to all cosplayers from age 13 and up!

The clash of cosplayers will be on September 6, 2016 from 3:00PM to 5:00PM at Western Mindanao State University. Event details below:

I am still currently working on my costume for the event. Some peeps might even know what I will be cosplaying on that day. :D

Anyway, here are some shots of the CosCom through the years from the first time Nihon Fure Ai Kai hosted the event:

First event ever with only a very few contestants. ^_^

With more cosplayers and more spectators!!
I am excited on how the next CosCom will turn out. How many contestants will join this time now that it's open to all? How Who will emerge victorious?

Let's all find out together! Mark your calendars and see you there!

Friday, 24 June 2016

MAKEUP REVIEW: Nichido Stardust Eyeshadow in Totally Neutral

Hey there! So I was looking to purchase a compact eyeshadow for my makeup kit and I found this while browsing Watsons pharmacy. It's a palm size eyeshadow kit with three shades, a tiny sponge brush and a cute mirror. It's a tiny, all-in-one kit that let's you put on eyeshadow wherever you are.

Before I proceed in writing my review let me tell a few things about this product:

Stardust Eyeshadow in Totally Neutral shade
by Nichido
1.6g x 3 / 0.17 oz
Made in Caloocan City Philippines

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review and I used my own funds to buy this product. ^_^

This product is complete with a cute mirror and a sponge brush - helpful when you need to apply eyeshadow on the go.

First impressions:

It has three shades (which is perfect btw) for my favorite type of eye makeup: smokey eyes. True to its title, the Totally Neutral has Light Pink, Light Brown and Dark brown shades for that all natural day look. The makeup doesn't have an off-putting smell (it does not have a scent at all) which was a relief since I actually dislike scented makeups.

I liked the fact that it's small and takes up less space in my makeup kit. 

The Makeup:

How I used this makeup became a learning experience. I first tried on the pink shade on my lid and after a few swipes, I felt that it wasn't sticking on my skin so I went ahead and applied the darkest shade for the smokey look but lo, one swipe was darker than I imagined I immediately blended it together with the pink shade to make it look decent.

Lesson learned: When trying on new eyeshadow kits, try on the dark shade first to test its vividness on your skin.

This is pretty much how it looked on my skin. The darkest shade was very vivid but unfortunately the lightest shade was a disappointment. It barely showed on my skin even after a generous application.
Well, it did buffed the dark brown shade as it was very dark the first time I applied it.

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a neutral/earth tone eyeshadow, this one is the best for you. The dark shades will work perfectly for your look and the lightest shade will work well as a buffer for that over all smokey eye.

I had a neutral eyeshadow kit before from Clinique and it was amazing, especially it's pink shade. For Nichido the pink shade was not vivid at all - and I only got to use it as a buffer instead of achieving that pinkish shade on my lid.

One good side is that it stays long on the lids, without eye primer. It does not crease even when my face tends to be super oily at times. I have used this palette a few times already and its result is consistent!


Pocket size kit with three shades complete with mirror and sponge.
Very affordable (I think it was less than 200php? Not very sure but yeah :D)
Does not crease despite my oily face.
Last long even without primer.
Odorless makeup (ftw!)

Pink shade is not vivid.

That's it folks! I hope you like my comeback post. Stay tuned for more makeup reviews and probably a video blog (finally) soon!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

TEASER: Super Sonico Cosplay Shoot

Hey guys!

So last Mindanao Cosplay Summit, some peeps were asking me for coscards and sadly, I forgot to bring them that day. (I wasn't cosplaying that day tho)
I did find my stash of cards later on but I realized that I haven't printed new ones last year and I've been giving out outdated cards with my inactive e-mail on it! ACK!

So I resorted on asking my friends to shoot one of my new costumes for a fresh batch of cards and they gladly participated even on the short notice.

I was planning on wearing Mari's seifuku of Prison School but unfortunately the zipper on the skirt broke in the last minute. Phew.

So I chose to wear Super Sonico since I haven't had any decent photos of this cosplay ever since I had it made.

KAH! Sentimental Sonico >_<
Anyway, after quickly skimming the set of photos we got that day, I now have a rough draft on what my next coscard will look like:

I am also thinking of printing a few of these photos in 3R or 4R sizes. Maybe it's a good way to promote my blog to more potential readers. Hopefully I can keep up in writing and updating my site every once in a while~

With my friends' help, I got new cosplay photos good for coscards and maybe cosplay prints.
Thank you so so much Gail and Sheed for doing this with me!

Watch out for the whole set of my Super Sonico cosplay and samplers of the coscards I want to print and trade this year - I already made 4 different designs. Hoping to find a decent print shop to produce these~

Thank you so much for staying with me! Til the next post~

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#CosCom2015 - Nihon Fure Ai Kai (Cosplay Judge gig)

Monday, 18 January 2016

#CosCom2015 - Nihon Fure Ai Kai (Cosplay Judge gig)

And this is it! I was once again part of the judging group for the WMSU College of Nursing Nihon Fure Ai Kai (A Touch of Japan Club) Cosplay Competition last Sept 9, 2015 during the WMSU Palaro!

Nihon Fure Ai Kai is a school-based Japanese club that sponsors Japanese language classes to interested nursing students who want to practice their career in Japan. To promote the club they host Japanese culture events like the maid cafe and the popular cosplay event.

I am an alumna of this club and this is my second time judging the event. I went as Esdeath with my fellow alumna Shermina as Mine from Akame Ga Kill. We've been spazzing all about this anime that we synced our costumes that day. :D

Ignore the bag. LOL
Esdeath and Mine from Akame ga Kill
It was fun to see the blooming cosplay community in my alma mater. When I was a student here, cosplaying is still unpopular and we got these all kinds of looks from people whenever we parade in costumes. I am glad that more and more people got interested in the hobby. The number of contestants and spectators are a proof of this!

Meet the rest of the judges:
Me and my derpy face. kekeke

After everybody has performed their skits (twas awesome, I don't think I can do those moves), one emerged as champion.

She cosplayed Korra from Avatar Legend of Korra. Congratulations on winning the second NFAK #CosCom2015!
Winners of the #CosCom2015
Korra - Legend of Korra, Cleric of Dragon Nest and Yuno Gasai of Mirai Nikki
I saw some new faces among the contestants. I got to meet some new peeps and make new cosplay friends!

Thank you so so much WMSU for the warm reception and your enthusiasm on cosplay.
See you soon!

More photos below. Click on to enlarge the smaller ones. ^_^

I gotta practice being more in-character than smiling on every photo op. Can't stop feeling happy when I see familiar faces. Teehee!

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