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Monday, 11 September 2017

MAKE UP: My Skin Care Routine +MUMUSO Aloe Vera Gel REVIEW

Hello and welcome back to my blog. I am trying to revive back this website even after going on hiatus for a very long time due to adulting and real life problems 💀. I will try to write more content here instead of just posting my game videos from youtube. I hope I can keep up with this rebirth for as long as I can for you guys!

 To start with, I will be sharing to you my new skin care routine that has been very effective in minimizing my acne outbreaks - better than my previous regimen.
(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.)

A little background: I have a very oily skin and I almost always have pimples on my face. I have tried several other products before and even a change in lifestyle but none of them can make my face clear of acne for a long time.

Let's begin with the break down of my simple day and night ritual starting with my facial scrub:

Garnier PureActive Anti Acne White Scrub
I have been using this scrub ever since I can remember due to the fact that acne breakouts are a bit of a norm for me. According to the label, the scrub fights 12 signs of acne and oil including blackheads, acne, open pores, uneven skintone clogged pores, roughness, darkness. dullness, excess oil, pollution dirt, and make-up residue.
I always pair the scrub with Garnier PureActive Multi-Action toner after shifting from alcohol-based astringent.
Garnier Pure Active Multi-action Toner
From the label, the toner 'fights 6 signs of acne day after day'. Promising, right? But, these two alone aren't very effective when it comes to dealing with my pimples. They do a great job in just cleaning my face and nothing else... Then I used the MUMUSO Aloe Vera Gel 92% together with it and something wonderful happened.

Mumuso is a South Korean-inspired '99PHP' store with branches all over the Philippines. They sell makeup and beauty products, dolls, bags, electronics and etc. Most of them are priced at 99php or about 2 dollars. The first time I visited a Mumuso store was when I was touring the Venice Grand Canal Mall at Taguig City. That's when I stumbled upon their version of the popular aloe vera gel.
For Zamboanga-based readers, Mumuso is now open at KCC Mall De Zamboanga located just near the cinema area.

The tub at 300 grams is priced at 99PHP. The gel itself is clear and almost odorless. The stickiness is manageable and dries up after a few minutes of application.

I bought it out of impulse at first and I never really found out the best use for it until recently. At first I tried it on my hair, as a mixture for my coffee face mask routine and even as a moisturizer for my dry skin. Then I tried using it as a moisturizer before going to bed and before applying on makeup and day by day I noticed how great its effect on my pimples (which is really awful, I tell you.)

Because of the positive change I have observed after using it for a few days, I have decided to make a comparison before and during I religiously follow this particular skin care routine.

(Disclaimer again: You should first try out the aloe vera gel on a small part of your skin before going all out because the effectivity of this routine will depend on your skin type)

As you can see, my bare face isn't as pretty as you think. Pimples would appear regularly and stay ripe for a few days. And when I think it's over, another wave would appear again on another part of my face, forcing me to put too much makeup just to cover everything up.
Bare face before religiously following my current skin care routine.

While using the scrub+toner+aloe vera gel every after taking a shower, my pimples shrunk and the breakouts lessened compared to before:
The difference is clear as day. :)
I apply only enough to cover my whole face and neck except the eyes and mouth. I would let it dry and settle on my face before applying the makeup primer or before sleeping. I did not do any other skin care regimen in between the comparison time like the use of blackheads peeling mask or my usual aloe vera and coffee mask to really get an accurate result for me to share. 
I can't express how happy I am with the noticeable difference it made on my face. It might not be an overnight solution to the problem but at least I can see that it really helps in stopping massive breakouts from reoccurring. I think I won't stop from following this regimen not until I find a better one that would totally help me eradicate my acne problems altogether.

I just hope the local Mumuso store would restock this soon. Accordingly, this got sold out just a couple of days after the grand store opening. I am almost halfway done with mine and I don't want to take a break from following the routine as it may trigger the acne breakout again.

Anyway, that's it for now! Are you a fan of Mumuso products? Tell me your favorite one on the comment section below and I might feature it on my next post!

Friday, 7 July 2017

VLOG: Six Games I Usually Play on Steam

Hey guys! So I made my first video blog after so many years and it's about the games I play on my PC using the STEAM client.

Don't forget to leave comments especially helpful points on how to improve my next video blog. Thank you and enjoy!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Cee in Boracay Part One

Hey guys~! So we had a trip to Boracay last August 26-29, 2016 and I tried doing a video blog for this. I am still uncomfortable recording myself talking in front of the camera but I still got to film what we did during our short escapade in one of the Philippines' popular tourist destination.

For this part, we swam at the beach under the dark, rainy cloud; we snorkel to see fishes during our island hoping trip and fed the fish during the helmet diving. Hope you like my very first travel video blog! I will try improving next time, I promise!

(This series will run in three parts. Enjoy Part One!)

Monday, 15 May 2017

EVENT: A-DollZ presents Intro to ABJD

Eros and Paris
Around the end of 2015 I started a new hobby: collecting ball joint dolls. My first one was Eros and he is a DollFamily ZhuangQi on Mirodoll body. I love him so much and I wanted him to have a companion so just this February I received Paris after ordering him last December 2016 (He is a DollFamilyH XiaoXin on Mirodoll body). Now because I post a lot of photos of them on my Facebook account, some friends wanted to meet them in person.

This gave me the motivation to organize a doll meet up for Zamboanga-based doll enthusiasts. With my friend Alyssa's motivation, I was able to host the very first Doll Meet in Zamboanga City!

The meet happened last May 14, 2017 at Greens En Grill Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City.

I gave a talk on the basics of BJD and how to own one. I was glad that those who attended showed much interest during my presentation.

Showing them Alyssa's (bjdnoah) video message.

I introduced Paris and Eros to them and talked a little about each of their personality. I expressed how owning a BJD is not as intimidating as it seems. I got good feedback after the short discussion from the participants. Some showed interest in shifting to doll collecting as a hobby. YAY! They were thankful that they were able to meet Eros and Paris whom they got to know from my facebook and instagram posts. (My dolls' IG account: @dollling)

Attendees of the first ZC doll meet with yours truly and Eros and Paris.
After the mini-discussion, I gave out a couple of crochet coin purses that I made by raffle.

Congratulations to Shana and Chut for winning!
We formally culminated the meet by having a photo shoot of the participants with Eros and Paris:
With Chut
With Sensei Kimberly

With Shana (She really love hugging Paris)
Poses with Marjorie
Due to demand and popularity of the event, I will be hosting another intro to BJD meet for those who are interested in but were unable to attend this event. Watch out for the announcement on our A-DollZ page:

Thank you to those who showed up even though it rained hard that day. Glad that I was able to share my little knowledge on asian ball jointed doll with you. See you next doll meet!

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Matsuri Fever! 2017 WCS PH Zampen Qualifiers Pair Interview


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Matsuri Fever! 2017 WCS PH Zampen Qualifiers Pair Interview

Get to know the pairs who competed during the WCS PH ZamPen Qualifiers at the Matsuri Fever! 2017

First Pair (Winners)
Lara Florentes and John Pioquinto

Second Pair
Michael Billiones and Leo Yuayan

For the complete list of winners, click this,

Don't forget to share the video to spread cosplay around Zamboanga!

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CEE playing Dota2 with Skywrath Mage

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

CEE playing Dota2 with Skywrath Mage

Hey guys~!

So I have been trying to find ways on how to do a live stream of my games via Facebook Live but it has been proven difficult for a noob streamer like me. So I tried recording my screen the old fashion way: using a camcorder and then upload it on youtube. It turned out quite okay than I have imagined.

So here's my first game video featuring Dota2 and yours truly as support Skywrath Mage . Enjoy!

PS: If you know a way on how to live-stream your screen, please tell me how by commenting down below! Your help will make my future streaming better. 

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UPCOMING EVENT: Kgath V: Hallyu Invasion

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

UPCOMING EVENT: Kgath V: Hallyu Invasion

Are you ready for the fifth installment of Zamboanga's KPop Gathering? Yes you heard it right! It's the fifth year for KMONERX KGathering and I have never missed one!

April 9, 2017
Sapphire Ballroom
Grand Astoria Hotel
Zamboanga City

I will still be one of the judges for this year's KCosplayer contest, and it will be a pair competition for the first time!

Of course, like last year, I brainstormed on what to wear/who to cosplay this year. I wore my hanbok for the first KGath and dressed up as Chae Kyung of Goon for the second KGath. I did a Minzy-from-falling-in-love-inspired coord for the third one (which I still haven't written a report yet. Sorry >..<) and did Queen CL from Crush for last year.

Now I have decided to do SNSD's Seohyun from their Mr. Mr. dance video:
photo from pinterest
I totally love SNSD's songs and I can't wait to do Seohyun (she's a great KDrama actress as well).
I posted a teaser shot on my twitter and it already gained a response! LOL

I can't wait to meet everyone. They already released the list of KCosplayers for that day as well! Hope to see your all of wonderful performances this Sunday!
For the Facebook RSVP, click here.
Like the event's official fan page for details!

See you there~
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EVENT: Matsuri Fever! 2017 WINNERS

Monday, 27 March 2017

EVENT: Matsuri Fever! 2017 WINNERS

Hey guys! Have you been to the recently concluded Matsuri Fever! 2017 last March 24, 2017?

The event was hosted mainly to choose Zamboanga Peninsula's representatives for the national qualifiers of the World Cosplay Summit Philippines.

The event had three main competitions. Here's a list of the winners for each of it:

Art Contest:
The art contest started from 10:00 AM and ended at 4:00PM.
The mechanics and criteria for this contest is as follows. Click on the image to enlarge it:

GRAND WINNER: Ionee Bel C. Garcia
Awarding of the Art Contest Winner
Photo Credits to AMBOX Events - Zampen

Winner of the Art Contest during the Matsuri Fever! 2017
Theme: The Art of Geisha
Photo Credits to AMBOX Events - Zampen

2nd Place: Zjhay Taupn
3rd Place: Gladys Enriquez

Solo/Walk In Cosplay Category:
The solo was merged with the walk-in category. This contest was limited only to the first 30 registered participants. Registration started from 10:00 AM. Despite having allotted 30 slots to participate on stage, some were able to manage to join beyond the cut off, reaching the final number of cosplayers to 36 participants.

The criteria for judging is as follows:
Costume Accuracy: 25pts
Character Portrayal: 40pts
Performance: 30pts
Audience: 5pts
TOTAL: 100pts

Dana Taladro as Windranger in Featherswing Set from DotA2
Winner of the Solo/Walk In Cosplay contest
Photo Credits to AMBOX Events - Zampen
1st Runner Up: Said Noor Ali as Kureto Hiragi of Owari no Seraph
2nd Runner Up: Reegine Malik - Artillery from Dragon Nest

Pair Cosplay Category (Main Event):
For the highlight of the event, a pair was chosen to represent Zamboanga Peninsula during the World Cosplay Summit Philippines Qualifiers. Winners of this event will be sent to Nagoya, Japan as the Philippine Representatives for the WCS. Two pairs competed with their skills in costume and props making as well as their ability to portray their character on stage.
These pairs followed the general guidelines throughout the whole competition.

The first part of the competition was the craftsmanship judging. The pairs were asked questions on how they came up with the idea on who to portray, how they made their costumes and props and why they chose these characters to compete with;

The first pair is TEAM SOS who portrayed characters from the game Dynasty Warriors:

The second pair is ANIMAL XING who portrayed characters from another game Monster Hunter:

The winners and will advance to the WCS PH final round is TEAM SOS!
Lara Florentes and John Pioquinto
Winner of the Solo/Walk In Cosplay contest

Here's a video of their entire performance and on-stage Q&A:

Congratulations to all of the winners and as well as the participants! I will write my own report on the event soon. Watch out for that!

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UPCOMING EVENT: 'Matsuri Fever! 2017: WCS PH ZamPen Qualifiers'

Monday, 20 March 2017

UPCOMING EVENT: 'Matsuri Fever! 2017: WCS PH ZamPen Qualifiers'

The most awaited and biggest cosplay event in Zamboanga Peninsula will finally happen!

The World Cosplay Summit Philippines Zamboanga Peninsula Qualifiers Event is turning out to be an annual event thanks to the ever-active AMBOX team. This year's qualifiers will be at KCC Mall de Zamboanga, 3F Roof Deck Area, Zamboanga City. Event will start at 10:00 AM for the Vanguard Tournament and Drawing Contest. Stage contests such as the SOLO/Walk-in Cosplay and WCS PH Pair Qualifiers will start at 6:00 PM.

Matsuri Fever! is inspired by Japan's spring festivals with people wearing yukatas, the general area is decorated with lanterns and with booths, mini-games and food stalls commonly seen on anime and manga series. (Matsuri means Festival in English)

Activities include: Solo/Walk-in Cosplay Contest, Drawing Contest, Vanguard Tournament, GUNPLA Diorama Display, Booth Shop displays and Food stalls and the World Cosplay Summit Philippines qualifiers. The winners of the WCS PH contest will represent Zamboanga Peninsula during the national qualifers.

Schedule of activities:

The event is for free and no registration fee will be collected to those who are interested in joining in one of the contests.

I won't be cosplaying during the event but I will be there as part of the AMBOX Zampen team!
For cosplayers and artists who are interested in joining the contests, click THIS LINK to pre-register.

So don't forget to mark your calendars!
Matsuri Fever! 2017 on March 24 at KCC Mall de Zamboanga from 10:00 AM onwards.

Which event or activity are you looking forward to? Comment down below!

If you don't mind...
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Monday, 13 March 2017

CEE COSPLAY: Super Sonico

Hey loves, yours truly is back... and this time, for good!

I have been so out of the blogging world ever since I graduated and got a full-time day job.

How ironic, I actually wanted a paying job just to continue funding my makeup reviews, blog, giveaways and whatnot and but sadly it took a lot of my day time and finally, when I get back home... I just can't find the energy to write. Sigh**

Well anyway, now that I have finally found a way to manage my time, let me start posting backlog photos starting with my Super Sonico photos.

I actually started to like Sonico after my favorite cosplayer, Ying Tze, cosplayed her during her visit to the Philippines (Which I totally missed because of work. SAD).

Super Sonico is a fictional female character created by Tsuji Santa for the Japanese computer and video game software company Nitroplus, first appearing as a mascot for a Nitroplus-sponsored music festival in 2006. (Source: Wikipedia)

I did my own headphones, that's why it doesn't look as good as Sonico's. I also lack her guitar and stars necklace because at that time it is currently out of stock. :(
(At least I get to improve this cosplay next time I do it, right?)
I also did the bow I used here and as well as the designing of the foot wear. I placed kanzashi flowers on it to make it look accurate.

I do hope I get to wear this super cute costume again. I love how accurate and well-made it is (thanks to my seamstress). The skirt is just too short to wear while moving around a lot.

Reference photo used.
From google images

My favorite part of this whole costume is the fluffy skirt which has three pleated layers. I was planning on sewing some horse hair on the hem to make it fluffier but I'm afraid that it would make it a lot shorter. Can't have some pantsu shots while in cosplay! >o<

My photographers that day were Gail and Sheed of HaruSuika. We shot this at Jardin Maria Clara in Pasonanca, Zamboanga City.

How do you like my Super Sonico photos? What would you like for me to cosplay next? Let me hear your thoughts!

If you don't mind...
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The World Cosplay Summit - Zamboanga Peninsula Qualifiers will finally happen on March 24, 2017 at KCC Mall de Zamboanga. Click on the photo below for more information:

 photo Online-Yellow-728x90.png